Episode 1 Impressions: Tribe Cool Crew


If you have the rhythm in your blood, you just have to move with it. Such is the case with Tobitatsu Hanero, a 7th grade boy who spends most of his free time seeking to dance as good as his idol Jay El.

While Haneru spends his daily routine dancing atop the nearly abandoned Hometown History Memorial Hall, secretly a girl named Otosaki Kanon watches him and performs her own dance routines while being hidden by the glaring sun hitting the windows.

As Haneru meets with his friend at a cafe, they are excited to learn that they have finally won tickets to a Jay El concert. Thanks to their efforts in 150 Rocket Ciders and sending their card in the mail.

While at the cafe, Haneru notices some nearby girls talking excitedly about an up and famous video uploader who goes by the name of Rhythm. Rhythm in the video performs dance moves that definitely gets into Haneru’s blood, making him want to try the moves himself.

e1tribecoolcrew6Once back at the Memorial Hall, Haneru attempts Rhythm’s moves, only to be once again watched by Kanon. Obviously being the real identity of Rhythm, Kanon silently cheers on Haneru as he attempts her moves. As she watches, she get’s caught in the rhythm and soon the two are dancing together unknowingly.

Though as time passes and the sun sets, Haneru finally realizes Kanon behind the glass and chases after her as she attempts to flee. Catching up with her outside, the two begin talking about each other’s moves and how much they like Jay El. After some thought, Haneru asks Kanon if they can form a team for dancing.

e1tribecoolcrew10I’m sort of mixed on this show. It’s definitely going to require a couple more episodes to decide on it, but from first glance the show really doesn’t look all that interesting. Perhaps the show will expand from here, but I highly doubt it.

To start off, the show reuses assets regularly. Replayed clips of dancing, replayed clips of him jumping through the city. Then there’s the use of really mediocre CG that is really terribly jarring. It all adds up to a very juvenile looking show overall.

Though that’s probably what this show was going for. It really does feel like it’s going for the younger crowd as everything seems very simple, plain, easy to follow, and not very interesting. Although I did find the aspect of Rhythm watching from behind the window to be rather cute. But of course that ship has sailed.

At this point, I can’t really recommend this show. There was just nothing entertaining about it. Even the dance moves were terribly basic and uninteresting. If things change in the coming episodes, we’ll definitely chime in and let you all know.

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Episode 1: The Moves of Fate! The Two Meet!





  • Unique concept
  • “Interesting” look


  • Terrible CG
  • Boring
  • Uninteresting dance moves
  • Juvenile presentation

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