Episode 10 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Viewers of Aldnoah.Zero were left with quite a cliff hanger during last weeks episode, and with the arrival of this week’s episode, we finally see it resolved. Unfortunately that means that this episode impression is full on spoiler alerts as it’s quite frankly avoidable. So if you haven’t watched episode 10, you’ve been warned!

It becomes quickly obvious that with the fall of the Deucalion, that something is in fact wrong with Asseylum. Rushing to her side, Inaho quickly begins CPR and administers a defibrillator. Thankfully, this restores her breathing and gets her heart working again.

While initial thoughts were that she had passed out, Asseylum quickly points out that Rayet was in fact the one who tried to kill her. This quickly turns into a standoff with Rayet holding everyone hostage. When asked by Inaho who she is, Rayet admits that her father was the leader of the group who was sent to kill Asseylum. Though she blames all martians for being traitors because they betrayed her father and killed him like a dog.

e10aldnoahzero2Rayet’s emotions turn once again to Asseylum as she claims despite the entire war being brought about by her coming to earth as well as her father’s death being a result of her coming to earth, Asseylum is accepted so openly and not hated. Now having no home as a Vers, and no home as a Terran, the only thing that she can cling onto is the hatred for Asseylum being the catalyst for everything.

Asseylum openly apologizes to Rayet, even at gunpoint, and her apologies cause Rayet to be unwilling to continue her anger towards her. Though this also leaves her with no other point of existing, and turns her gun on herself. Thanks to Inaho’s quick action, he disarms her but then returns her gun to her claiming that due to her hatred for martians and for her fighting alongside them, they can only be allies.

e10aldnoahzero7Elsewhere, on Saazbaum’s castle, Slaine gets another visit from the count. Though this time it seems to find out if in fact the group housing Asseylum indeed has an Aldnoah powered ship. The conversation quickly shifts to Saazbaum attempting to sway Slaine into understanding his hatred for the Vers as he shows him the downfall of the Vers Empire. A dying planet housing overpopulation that is brainwashed into hating Earth. Also, footage of Heaven’s Fall claiming the life of his beloved.

As peace seems to return to the people on Deucalion and they finally arrive at the United Earth HQ, Asseylum is finally able to send her transmission to her father to call off the war and prove that she is still alive. While calling out the Orbital Knights for their traitorous acts, it seems to fall on deaf ears as Saazbaum stands smugly in control of the Moon station that would send that signal.

e10aldnoahzero8As Saazbaum hands Cruhteo’s Kataphrakt over to Slaine in order to finally repay his debt to his father, Saazbaum gives him a stern warning not to get in his way. Despite everything, Saazbaum gives Slaine the choice to either join him, or to fight for Earth if he so desires. This comes before Saazbaum orders his castle to set its destination to the United Earth HQ.

Well, I can’t say I was surprised to see Asseylum live, but I am surprised to see Inaho’s response to everything. The boy who would shoot down someone who saved his life on the battlefield that desired to see his princess would be so willing to have someone at his side that technically killed the princess. While I’m so happy to see Rayet stick around, I still am upset how it was so easily brushed off.

e10aldnoahzero9Despite all that, I did really like Rayet’s breakdown. It was powerful, believable, and really well animated and voiced. Just hearing her repeat her accusations over and over in frustration made the idea that she even attempted the murder less annoying to me. Though I do admit that Asseylum’s little grovel was a bit overly dramatic. Even so, a really powerful event.

On the flip side, I’m really liking that Saazbaum (despite killing a great character) is becoming a character that I can understand. The whole backstory to the polluted Vers and the loss of his loved one is something I can see as a driving force. A good villain in the midst of a season of villains that are bad just because they are crazy. I can honestly say this show is doing good in developing each of the main characters (minus Inaho).

On a final note, while it was rather obvious that the Kataphrakt in the crater was Orlane’s, the fact that Deeucalion was hers as well was interesting. Anyhow, here’s to another week wait! See you next week!

Episode 10: Before the War





  • Rayet’s moment was great
  • Slaine finally digging out of his hole
  • Saazbaum progressing well


  • Inaho’s response to Rayet
  • Inaho assuming Asseylum could confront her
  • Still beating the Marito horse

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