Episode 10 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


When last we left Sinon, she was in a seriously bad situation that could only end badly. As we press on into episode 10, we get the aftermath of the situation as well as an inability to avoid spoilers going forward into this impression. So be warned!

When all hope seemed lost for Sinon, Death Gun is suddenly shot by a rifle and forced to take cover. As a smoke grenade hits the ground and Kirito appears to whisk Sinon away, Death Gun is now one step behind his prey as he gives chase.

Despite Sinon’s desire for Kirito to leave her behind, his ever chivalrous self secures their escape upon a ATV. Unfortunately for Sinon, she’s in a very dark place, now unable to separate her true self and regain her Sinon persona that is able to wield a gun. Face with the face of the one she killed, pointing a gun only brings her back to her past, just as she is in the real world.

e10swordartonlineii7Even still, Kirito manages to calm her nerves momentarily and the two of them slip away from Death Gun to take shelter in a cave to wait off the next area scan. Though once there, Sinon reveals to Kirito her dark secret. Unable to accept the blood on her hands, Kirito relates to her by admitting the two people he once killed in Sword Art Online.

Kirito’s resolve isn’t wavered. While Sinon believes they should leave the competition by taking each other out, Kirito wishes to prevent the many lives Death Gun would take during the competition.

e10swordartonlineii8Well apparently Kirito instantly learned how to snipe despite his terrible aim with a pistol. Oh well, it’s dramatic and cool right? Random rant side, this was quite a character developing episode for the new couple. As Kirito and Sinon get quite lovey dovey with each other, I’m sure Asuna is having a fit if she’s watching.

The breakdown of Sinon was quite refreshing and I can honestly see her frustration in herself. Asking if Kirito was willing to protect her for the rest of her life, while seemed like a confession, really spoke boldly to her insecurities.  Despite the obvious new addition to the Kirito harem, I can’t help but enjoy just how connected the two of them are in this situation.

Unfortunately outside of that connection, there isn’t much to talk about in this episode as everything they spoke about was to reveal to each other what the viewer already knew. But it did come to a nice ending.

Episode 10: Pursuer of Death





  • Good character development
  • Decent action
  • Good drama
  • Great animated emotion


  • Kirito instant marksman
  • Reveals were already known to viewer
  • CG was a bit tacky

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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