Episode 11 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


It looked like celebrations for Tatsumi’s return were about to get interrupted. Trouble just doesn’t let up for our assassins as Dr Stylish manages to find the Night Raid base. Will his discovery lead to an immediate confrontation?

Dr Stylish establishes himself as the ultimate party crasher when he attacks the Night Raid base with his vile “test subjects”. Deadly altercations emerge and our assassins are forced to face a multitude of bizarre foes. However, despite the test subjects’ incalculability, Night Raid manages to keep the upper hand. Until Dr Stylish decides to play dirty, that is…

The mischievous Dr Stylish attempts to end the fight by dispersing poison into the air. However, danger is quickly averted when Najenda makes the most majestic entrance. And she’s not empty-handed as one of her recruits showcases his superb skill. The human Imperial Arms, Susanoo, maintains composure, even while facing the monstrous Dr Stylish himself. Some elaborate teamwork, with Tatsumi and Akame fulfilling main roles, finally puts the mad scientist to bed.

Carnage! As many expected, this episode was heaven for the action junkies who wanted to see blood. Overall, I was very pleased with this “fight” episode as it was one of the more exciting ones this season. But despite combat’s dominance, there were still some noteworthy moments that advanced the plot as well. Such as the retrieval of Sheele’s Imperial Arms, and the “introduction” of new recruits who will be stationed at Night Raid.

I loved how screen time was, more or less, equally divided among the Night Raid members so each one of them could shine. Najenda and Susanoo stole the episode though. Everyone was literally and figuratively in the manta’s shadow, and demon horns always spells trouble for opponents. This episode really succeeded in achieving what it wanted to, which is engaging action. My only complaint would be how Night Raid bounced back so quickly after being poisoned, but it failed to ruin my fun. A great episode of Akame ga Kill! in which Night Raid manages to build up positive momentum, for now…

Episode 11: Kill the Mad Scientist





  • Combat
  • Night Raid recruits


  • One convenient comeback for Night Raid

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