Episode 11 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


The Anteiku baristas are determined to rescue Kaneki. However, even self-sacrifice might be insufficient to retrieve him, as another war is imminent. With the CCG and ghouls closing in on each other, can Kaneki even be reached?

Yoshimura, experienced as his old age portrays, aims to use the CCG’s attack on the 11th Ward as a cover to rescue Kaneki. A broken Kaneki who is being tortured by Jason. When all civilians are evacuated, the CCG makes their move and closes in on Aogiri’s base. A brief look into Jason’s past, which explains his vile behavior, precedes Suzuya’s flashy entrance. So flashy that it ignites the battlefield and chaos ensues…

Chaotic, however, might not be the right word as many of the match ups contain historical or emotional value. Blood is shed, memories are relived, sacrifices are made. But it all escalates to a new level when another grand entrance is made. The one-eyed owl, leader of Aogiri, joins the fray. But what has happened to Kaneki whose hair has gone white?

The events in this episode had been in the making for quite some time. And I must say, it was more than satisfactory. Camera angles, the swift animation, and the captivating OST during combat scenes did a great job of immersing viewers into the brutality of it all. Not even the censorship could take my enjoyment away. Highlights for me were Suzuya’s bike stunt, the owl’s arrival, and Amon’s comeback which killed two ghouls. Although I can’t help but feel that the latter was a bit contrived at the same time. This “good” image of Mado that they’re pushing just isn’t that believable.

But that was the only problem for me, as nail-biting action was the order of the day. I did like how they used the present characters to dish out the most interesting fights. A good move that holds promise. As does the hype surrounding the owl and Kaneki’s transformation. That grey hair screams anything but retirement from the Anteiku…

Episode 11: Aogiri





  • Combat (good match-ups)
  • Amazing set-up


  • Credibility of Amon’s resolve suffers (due to Mado’s conflicting personalities)

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