Episode 9 Impressions: Barakamon


Handa’s deadline for the next exhibit is drawing near, and despite speaking highly of his current situation to his friends, he’s struggling to find that inspiration.

Taking a break from the pressure, Handa attempts to take a bath, only to find his heating unit broken. For the village chief, a simple kindling will fix this as Handa’s home is equipped with a bath boiler. When Naru shows up to assist him in keeping the fire stable, it doesn’t take long for some local pranksters to show up and ruin the moment of peace.

After some time, Hina rushes to Handa’s house with a plea for help. Turns out some kids from a rivaling village have taken over their playground and are bullying Naru. Obviously Handa can’t strike out at the very violent kids, and they know that. Though after some quick thinking, Handa comes up with a plan to chase them out, but it might end up backfiring on him.

Overall a so-so episode. The first segments were a bit lacking in comedic value, but it ultimately turned the tables late in the show when Handa takes a short side trip with the local kids. As I’ve stated before, this is where the show shines.

I think the fault lies mostly in the predictability of the jokes. We knew the girls would overheat the fire, we knew the kid would hit his phone, we knew they would end up falling. While that doesn’t always ruin the comedic value of it, it certainly doesn’t help it.

While this episode was lacking, I’m interested to see how the next episode turns out as the very end teases Handa returning home. Prepare the tissues!

Episode 9: Okega Makucchishita (Was almost seriously injured)





  • Cute moments
  • Big cliffhanger


  • Predictable jokes
  • Lacking points

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