Episode 9 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Five doesn’t seem against the idea of playing dirty as she now uses Lisa as bait to lure Nine and Twelve out. While Nine holds to the plan, Twelve makes his move to go rescue Lisa.

While Twelve makes his way to rescue Lisa and Nine abandons their new base, Shibazaki pays a visit to yet another politician involved with the Athena Plan. After the man gives them a fair warning of the death of the last person seeking to leak this information out, both Shibazaki and Hamura stand firm to uncover the truth.

Turns out that the Athena Plan was to gather children under the age of 5 who showed signs of savant syndrome. The ability to untap the full potential of segments of the brain. To discover more about this ability and tap into it, they utilized a drug that was only effective on children under 5. Though it was very costly to the body and often lead to death.

e9terrorinresonance1By the time the US government had discovered this project to shut it down, all but one child had died. That one child was Five but there was also the two children that escaped, Twelve and Nine. Unfortunately, while they have gained their freedom for 8 years, it seems their lifespan has been shortened.

Elsewhere, when Twelve finally arrives at the location where Lisa is being held, he finds she’s handcuffed to a seat in a ferris wheel and vested with bombs. Given mere minutes to disarm them all, it becomes quickly obvious that he won’t be able to disarm them all in time.

e9terrorinresonance9Wow, what an amazing episode.  It was fantastic to see Twelve go after Lisa, and not only that, but also show her a lot of care.  The presentation and mood were intense and really sold the moment for me, keeping me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Not only did we get an intense moment on the ferris wheel, but we also got some final insights into the Athena Plan and their use of savants and the true danger behind the item Twelve and Nine stole.    It all adds much more danger and mystery to the story but I can’t say I was blown away.  I was hoping for something a bit more deep.  Perhaps more will be revealed later.

Still, an amazing episode that shined on the side of presentation.  Hopefully we’ll continue this pace on into the final two episodes.  Only two more!

Episode 9: Highs & Lows





  • Intense
  • Twelve and Nine
  • Good reveals


  • None

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