Funimation Begins Streaming on YouTube


As fans of anime, we are always looking for new and convenient methods for getting our anime fill. It seems Funimation is taking new steps to improving the distribution of their content by experimenting with YouTube. What’s more convenient than that?

While Funimation has been sprinkling clips of their licensed shows here and there to create interest in their site’s offering, it became clear to anyone with a Funimation subscription on YouTube recently that they have started to dump large amounts of full episodes on their channel. Shows like Barakamon, Free!, The Devil is a Part-Timer, and more. All requiring no paid subscription, all without commercials!

There’s only three notes to be made. First, it seems as if they selection is limited for now, perhaps due to licensing restrictions. The second is that, similar to their own free streaming service, releases are delayed a week from their original simulcast schedule. Third and finally, videos uploaded for now seem to be limited to standard definition of 480p and without HD options such as 720 and 1080. So if you still desire to watch them as they are simulcast and like your hi-def options, you’ll still need to subscribe to and view the newest releases there.

Though who is to complain? A free and legal method to gaining access to anime shows? Sign me up! It’s a great start and I’m interested to see how much further they invest into this new concept of getting their content to the masses.

You can find Funimation on YouTube by going to Their streaming shows can be found in their playlists. Please note that we have not seen an official announcement from Funimation so the extent of how long they will provide this service is unknown.

Here’s a sample!

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