Episode 1 Impressions: A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd


The pursuit of knowledge has always been a noble thing. But what would one say to a book that contained all knowledge of the world. Would you seek it? Would you be worthy of it?

When Kyotaro Kakei was younger, he was met by a man who told him of a magical book with everything written in it of this world. Though this book was kept in a magical library that no one could enter. When Kyotaro expressed is willingness to enter this library, the man gave him a ticket that would grant him access.

Jumping forward, we find Kyotaro to be quite the book-worm still, keeping his nose in a book and finding other people to be distractions. Now going to Shiomi Academy, he spends most his time within the walls of the library. Even though some like the student council president, Maho Mochizuki, seeks to not let his talents go to waste.

As he heads to school, we catch a glimpse of an ability he has had for some time. A precognition that leads him to save a girl named Tsugumi Shirasaki. But in doing so, he somehow manages to grope her e1goodlibrarian5chest. This would remain isolated, but an unknown person named the Shepherd has leaked a photo of the groping to the entire school. After many of the clubs come after Kyotaro, some quick and equally inappropriate thinking by Kyotaro’s friend leads to everything being cleared up.

Once things settle down, Kyotaro leads his new pack to the library where he spends most of his time. There, Tsugumi musters the courage to ask him to join her club. Even though it has no real purpose but to “make school fun”. After he thinks on it for some time, he actually accepts and the library room becomes the new library club.

Nearby, a stranger discusses with a female student about the potential of Kyotaro in being the next shepherd. It seems that depending on a test that Kyotaro must take, either she or him will become the next in line.

This show has a few interesting elements going for it.  Especially in creating this unknown Shepard that is pulling some strings.  Except that a lot of this mystery seems to be getting lost in some rather boring side events.

I was immediately engaged in the idea of this mysterious library.  Following that up with some interesting precognition ability to save some girl.  Then.. we’re accidentally falling on the girl, groping for extended periods of time, being smeared all over the internet, then fighting judo clubs, and talking about making school happy!

Quite literally making an interesting concept fall right into the typical molds.  Although it ended by bringing it back into its fold, I can’t hold big hopes for this show unless it can break completely free of the typical.  I’ll be giving it another shot, but as it stands now, I can’t give a full recommendation unless tropes such as these do not bother you.

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: Formation of the Library Club



Could get stuck in its tropes


  • Interesting start
  • Decent characters
  • Good animation


  • Jumps into tropesville quickly
  • Not very engaging
  • Protagonist is rather plain

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