Episode 1 Impressions: GARO The Animation


Being hated and feared, it’s a common trait in being a witch or warlock.  Though how would one feel to be both hated and still tasked with saving those which would rather burn you at the stake?  Even so, saving those who killed your mother?

The King Fernando of the Variante Kingdom has fallen very ill. Fearing it may be a curse from a witch, the kingdom has undergone some gruesome witch hunts to rid the kingdom of the curse. One such witch was named Anna.

During her burning, she was with a child. Giving up her last remaining strength, she birthed the child wrapped in protection to be taken away by what many would consider an armored demon.

Following this event, hundreds of witches and warlocks were tortured and executed over the next year. Many pointed suspicion and fear at each other as this unfolded.

Even with the pursuit of the child of Anna, the boy would soon grow to a young man with the same power as his saving armored “Demon”. Despite the hatred the kingdom has for this demon and child, they are actually the very ones that have a duty to seal away demons that kill the people who hate them.

While I can’t say that GARO does anything wrong in the setup of its story, it also doesn’t really do anything right.  It’s just there and has a rather uninteresting plot to present itself with.  Boy birthed from a witch, saved by an armored thing, now thanklessly hunts demons.

Although in the package it is presented in lies the problem.  The show just looks through and through absolutely horrendous.  It’s almost as if it cannot decide what it wants to do and none of it blends together at all.  Shiny silver armored CG beast running past plain and lazy drawn characters.  Only to be followed up by some sort of 70s acid trip music video for an introduction.

Perhaps I could give it one more episode just to see if certain elements play to my liking (IE the prince and avoiding overdone formulas), but I must admit that having such jarring visuals makes shows very unenjoyable for myself.

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Episode 1: Hell Fire



Respectfully Decline..


  • Decent begins to a story


  • Absolutely jarring animation changes
  • Poor regular animation mixed with CG
  • No characters to grab onto

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