Episode 1 Impressions: JOKER


The Phantom Thief Joker is a renowned artist in the field of burglary. Just don’t tell him that. That’s burglars just steal in the night, whereas he lets his victims know beforehand so that he can test his skills on their fortification!

Joker has his sights set on a Dragon Gem that has the power to call good fortune. After sending a warning card to both the police and the owner Mr. Kaneari, the police attempt to give aid on the situation. Seems Inspector Oniyama has a strong interest in taking the Joker down for good. However Kaneari declines their help as he’s quite loaded with guards and state-of-the-art equipment already.

As a fan of Joker, Hachi, makes his way into the home to steal the Dragon Gem, he quickly falls into a trap before Joker arrives to save him. Turns out Hachi desires to return the gem to his hometown which has been stricken with poverty since Kaneari stole it.

However Joker isn’t interested in this and gets back to stealing the gem. After Kaneari charges in on the two, Joker’s elaborate plan to steal the gem goes into play.

Joker definitely aims to appeal to a younger audience. This is apparent in its childlike humor that never pushes over to the mature side at any time. Which is nice, if you’re looking for a family friendly show you can watch with your kids. The only fault to that is that the humor is never complex or witty.

That’s not to say the entire show is a dull and snore fest. It still engages the viewer in fun and action oriented events. Escapes, daring leaps, car chases, and cool gadgets. There’s also quite a bit of decently clever things that the “Phantom Thief” pulls off. Being as the main character is challenging himself by allowing his victim to prepare.

In this end, while the show looks old in style, it’s still a fun and good-looking show. Offering some good action and mild comedy, while never asking too much of the viewer. However I won’t expect much out of this show going forward.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: The Miracle Maker Appears!





  • Some fun action
  • Decently clever
  • Classic artstyle


  • Bit childish
  • Not too entertaining

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