Episode 1 Impressions: Trinity Seven


Odd dreams, waking up to your childhood friend cooking you breakfast, then having some girl threaten to kill you if you don’t wake up while on you way to school.  Then of course, there’s the black sun in the sky.  Things don’t quite seem normal for Kasuga Arata, but they are about to get much worst.

While Arata is lazing on the roof with his childhood friend Hijiri Kasuga, he asks her about the sun and if it had always been black. When she confirms, it doesn’t settle well with him and he asks her who she is and points out that she drew a picture as a child with a sun that wasn’t black.

It’s at this point that we are introduced to a mage named Lilith Asami.  After revealing that Arata is in a world he created, he realizes that his childhood friend had disappeared before his very eyes long before he got to where he was.  The new Hijiri is an illusion granted from the grimoire she gave him.  Asami demands that he choose between fighting or surrender and give up his memories.  Not willing to lose the memories of his friend, he takes a third option.  Retaining his memories and becoming a mage himself.

e1trinityseven6Accepted into a school of magic, he finds that creating an entire world is something only demon lord class mages can do.  We are introduced to the principle who finds Arata interesting.  Amidst the complaints from Lilith, he explains that the fastest way to learn to control his power is to learn from seven elite girls in the school called the Trinity Seven.  Lilith, being one of them.

After the meeting, Arata bumps into one of the Trinity Seven members.  A ninja specialist named Levy Kazama.  After discussing 2 other members named Akio Fudo and Mira Yamanaa, we learn that girls are more inclined to magic than men.  This is because magic is a study of the mind and emotion.  Naturally, all of the Trinity Seven are female.

After introductions, Arata separates from the others and retires to take a bath.  Upon entering, he meets a fifth member of the Trinity Seven.  A girl who doesn’t seem to bothered by the presence of a male in the men’s bath.

Trinity Seven immediately opens to a solid groundwork for a harem set in a magical world.  One of the most amusing aspects of this show is that it doesn’t shy away from making fun of the fact that it is a harem.

Our ditherer in this show, Kasuga Arata, is a mix between a lazy and attention deficit type.  Giving him both a focus and a dominant feel.  You immediately feel that this character likes the position that he has been placed into.  Being given the power that he has, he’s not shy of showing that he likes it.

I have to admit that the writing choices are fundamentally flawed, though it’s not a huge stain on the show.  The writer is trying to hide cards and revealing the wrong ones.  This places Kasuga Arata in a position of being overpowered at first, and directly revealing that he is already in a harem.  Collecting all the girls in the harem, each of which are extremely powerful in their own right, leaves little to the imagination.

e1trinityseven3You immediately get the impression that the principle has ambivalent motives of seeing something interesting play out.  This may give some people an impression that he is actually an evil puppeteer.  Which he may be, but I think that would play out a little too easy.

I should point out that the sound in this show is a little hit or miss.  For example, I was quite dumbfounded to hear a boob grab that sounded like someone messing with a balloon.  Now, voicing on the other hand is very solid.  Namely Kasuga Arat being voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.  Which is mostly known for his work on Kirito from Sword Art Online.

Bringing this to a close, and my final thoughts, I really can’t wait to see where this show goes.  There is the occasional trope, but I didn’t feel too overwhelmed by them.  I could see some directions that the writer was going and trying to break out of molds.  Which leaves me to hope for the best in this show.  Character interactions were decently well done.  One or two liberties were taken for convenience, those liberties didn’t break logic enough to ruin the experience for me.

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Episode 1: Administer and Third Selection





  • Solid likable ditherer
  • Good bread crumbing of plot while still developing cast
  • Great voice casting
  • Trying to break molds


  • Occasional off sounds
  • Cast being too overpowered at the beginning
  • Wrong cards put into play too soon

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