Episode 14 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


With the big reveal of one of the Death Gun’s identity, it seems like Kirito has the upperhand on the situation.  However the outcome of the fight looked like it could go any direction as Kirito tries to save Sinon.

Note: Due to the inability to avoid spoilers for the synopsis, the following will contain minor episode spoilers as to the outcome of the initial fight.

As Kirito fights against Shinkawa Kyouji, it seems even though his skills with a sword transfer to real life, he’s not really good with hand to hand combat. Kyouji quickly gets the upperhand and injects Kirito with his syringe, sealing his fate. Shion takes to her feet and hits Kyouji over the head with a radio, knocking him out. After Shion accesses Kirito, it seems like he’ll be okay.

Following this fight, Shion is called to meet with the bullies from her school. Seems that this time, they desire another 20,000 yen to be “borrowed”. However this time Shion stands her ground and denies them. One girl follows up on her threat and brings out the pellet gun she borrowed from her brother, aiming it at Shion. While she panics, she holds her ground and gives the girls a little lesson on guns.

e14swordartonlineii3After school, Kirito and Shion meet with an investigator in order to discuss the outcome of the recent events. Kouji and his brother Shoichi are both now in custody and face charges, however a third assailent Kanamoto Atsushi is still on the loose.

Turns out that Shoichi, the survivor of SAO and member of Laughing Coffin, became a hero to his brother Kiyouji. When Shoichi spoke of his kills in SAO, Kyouji was lost in the idea. So it was no stretch that he would aid him in continuing his hunt in the virtual world. Kanamoto was easily on board being another Laughing Coffin member.

While it seems like it’s a case closed situation, the investigator has one last thing for Kirito, a letter from Shoichi. It reads that it’s far from over and he won’t be able to stop what is coming.

e14swordartonlineii6After parting ways with the investigator, Kirito invites Shion to meet with his friends back at their cafe of choice. After introductions, it seems Kirito and Asuna has set up something that could help Shion find peace.

A great conclusion to the Gun Gale Online arc. Though there’s obvious question as to it’s end with one Laughing Coffin member remaining on the loose. As well as Shoichi’s threats.

While most of the conversation with the investigator is recapping everything (again..), there was quite a bit of rounding up of what had unfold. Especially the creation of the Death Gun idea.

I of course enjoyed seeing Shion’s story come to a close as well, standing up against the bullies, and also meeting at the cafe. It all was done well, besides the conveniently placed bucket and can.  I was also surprised that the addition of a new harem member wasn’t killed during this meeting at the cafe.

Now the question comes as to if we’ll see a new arc that will be entertaining, or if we will once again fall into ALO territory. Let’s hope for the first to be true!

Episode 14: One Little Step





  • Great conclusion
  • Good emotion
  • Avoided too much “harem fighting”


  • Stupid fake-out
  • Fears of ALO 2.0

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