Episode 15 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


It seems life for Kirito has finally become a bit more peaceful, but one can’t expect the gamer in him to just die away. Instead, a new focus has appeared in front of him and he’s aiming to achieve it with the aid of his friends.

Finally departing from the world of Gun Gale, Kirito returns to his more fun and relaxing hobby of hanging with his friends in the world of ALO. While exploring the world, he and his sister Leafa have a run in with a beast fighting a flying jellyfish thing. After saving it, the creature takes them up high into the sky where they spot a sword called Excalibur.

Seeking to obtain that sword before anyone else, Kirito assembles all of his friends to fly up to the floating castle where it’s being kept. However along the way, the party is confronted by a beautiful female NPC who asks the group for help in stopping an evil plot to cause great havoc in the world.

Seems other players have been receiving a false quest produced by the mastermind within the castle and offered a fake Excalibur as a reward. Although the players are being told to kill the jellyfish like beasts.

It’s up to Kirito and his friends to put a stop to the Frost Giants before the unknowing players and Giants kill all of the Lake Queen’s Servants.

Ugh, what a painful episode to watch. Even with the rather light-hearted feel and obvious fan service shots, there was nothing about this episode that was enjoyable at all. We joked about it, but it’s real. The show is now moving into ALO territory again.

Which I totally wouldn’t mind, if it was enjoyable! The first segments are telling a story about some flying creature Kirito and Leafa saved, all being shown in stills. Then we proceed to see the characters reunite and pose in more stills.

At this point, you’d expect some great and fun action to round out the episode. But no, instead we get half the episode dedicated to listening to some NPC woman whine about insignificant stuff in a digital world that we are supposed to care about. I’m sure some readers here have played an MMO. Remember that HUGE quest log of text that most people skip and accept? We had to read that and we aren’t even playing this game.

Boring, convoluted, and forcing care and danger into a situation that isn’t technically real. Yep, that’s ALO again. While I doubt it, I hope at least this time around, they don’t overly dramatize this scenario. I’m holding hope, but not going to walk into this one blindly.

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Episode 15: The Queen of the Lake


Bad… just bad..


  • Band back together
  • Return to fantasy


  • Boring
  • Uninteresting plot dump
  • Lots of stills
  • Lower quality than usual
  • ALO 2.0

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