Episode 16 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


With Night Raid and the Jaegers looking each other in the eye, it was finally time to rumble. Imperial Arms engaged on both sides means that death is inevitable. Who is going to take the first round?

e16akamegakill1The battle begins as Kurome uses her Imperial Arms to control corpses she’s been collecting, creating several match-ups in the process. Some of these corpses share pasts with the Night Raid assassins, much to Night Raid’s frustration. However, focus is never lost and the fight is balanced.

It isn’t until Rokugoh’s demise, brought about by Najenda’s brute strength, that Night Raid gains the upper hand. Chelsea uses her stealth to take out Henter, and Tatsumi deals with Ape-man. Mine manages to finish off Doya and Kaiser Frog before Susanoo steals the show yet again. Using his secret ability, “Madman”, he destroys Destaghoul, leaving just Bols on the battlefield. Cornered by Leone and Akame, he uses his trump card which seems to be a massive bomb…

e16akamegakill2Well, that was rather lukewarm. This episode reminded me of those concert nights that have too lengthy opening acts. Kurome’s corpses felt like plot devices to extend the fight. I think their attempted backstories stand as a testament of that. Henter for instance, whose character design I liked, was alive for a mere 8 minutes. I didn’t even bother memorizing the names of the corpses as I felt they wouldn’t make the end of the episode anyway…

But it wasn’t all bad though. The action was sufficiently raw and engaging, topped off by Susanoo’s secret ability in my opinion. I like “Madman” because it comes with serious limitations. All in all an average episode of Akame ga Kill!, largely due to postponed fights we all wanted to see.

Episode 16: Kill the Puppets





  • Great action


  • Puppets
  • Misplaced humor (Susanoo)

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