Episode 16 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


Thankfully, with the absolutely boring information drop last episode, we can enjoy a much more entertaining episode this time around. Leaping right into the action and enjoying a sprinkle of light-hearted comedy.

One would assume that the concept of the Ice Giant King destroying the world would be silly, but it seems that the code for the quest itself has its origins in the original code from SAO. That means that similar to the original world’s destruction, this quest with the same access permissions, could indeed destroy itself. With backups only restoring character information, it could lead to a loss of the world itself.

Seeking to prevent this, Kirito and his party rush into battle against many tough bosses and eventually come across a trapped female NPC that goes by the name of Freyja. As she cries for help to be released from her icy prison, everyone immediately calls trap. Except for Klein who is stricken with love at first sight.

e16swordartonlineii5Quite a refreshing episode to follow-up last week’s verbal wall of text. While we did get some insight into the capability of the quest damaging the world they’re in, I couldn’t help but find their over dramatic faces a bit comical. The usual “Dear me, not the digital world!”

Following this was an onslaught of some greatly designed fight scenes with some decent action throughout. Only stalled by some brief slash poses and an unsightly black screen and colorful representations of cuts to finish off one. Which was a tad anti-climatic.

The scene with the new arrival Freyja and Klein was very entertaining. Seeing Klein actually do SOMETHING in this show is a treat in itself, but to have the entire cast call “It’s a Trap” was hilarious. Now we’ll see how weird it gets with the NPC/Human relations!

Seems this adventure is going rather quickly, despite the large amount of lore they dumped on it coming right in the gate. I’m curious if it will stretch out from here, or we’ll see another arc fit into the remaining 7 episodes.

Episode 16: The King of Giants





  • Good action
  • Good animation
  • Comical moments


  • Some cheap animation decisions
  • Arc seems short for info dump

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