Episode 17 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


In every single sense of the word, last week’s cliffhanger could be described as a bang. Did Bols’ last ditch effort end the battle between the Jaegers and Night Raid? Or was there still more to this encounter?

e17akamegakill1After the smoke had cleared, it became apparent that Bols’ bomb took no lives, hence the fight continued. Chelsea upped her efficiency by a couple notches, using her stealth to trap Bols and kill him. Thirsty for more blood, she takes on Bols’ looks using her Imperial Arms so she can take out her next target: Kurome. On her way there, we dive into Akame and Kurome’s past together as sisters.

It is a loaded past. One that involves the utmost struggle for survival, but also one that highlights the strong bond that the sisters have. We also focus on her body’s modifications. As Kurome proceeds to contemplate, Night Raid recuperates back at the base. They do so without Chelsea, who is trying to pounce on Kurome. But a terrible twist occurs, spelling Chelsea’s demise. Later that day, a horrified Tatsumi witnesses Chelsea’s head on display in the Imperial Capital…

e17akamegakill2While I initially wanted to say this fight ended in a draw, I can’t help but think that the feeling of loss is greater on the Jaegers’ side. Which leads to the issue I had with this episode: Chelsea’s death. It almost felt like the writers knew that her death wouldn’t be impactful. So they slapped a basic backstory on to her character and made her death super dramatic in an attempt to cover that up. Bols, on the other hand, got prior development. Scenes of him desperately reaching out to images of his family hit home because they relied on well-established elements.

It’s unfortunate that Chelsea failed to make herself memorable, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this episode was bad. I appreciated the Akame-Kurome flashback because of its sincerity. The once strong love between the sisters was made believable, and it also raises questions as to how that relationship changed into what it is today. Also, in contrast with Chelsea’s flashback, this one didn’t serve as an obvious deathflag, so thumbs up. All in all, an OK episode of Akame ga Kill! that cut off two characters. It’s just a shame that Chelsea’s character couldn’t find redemption, even in death.

Episode 17: Kill the Curse





  • Action
  • Akame-Kurome flashback


  • Chelsea’s death

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