Episode 2 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


The power to destroy, the Bahamut is hoped to never rise again. Despite this hope, when the key to unlocking his seal is stolen, it seems that some players in this fight would hold their cards.

As the gods overlook the events that led to the key’s loss, they choose to refrain from assisting the humans too much. Offering only to dispatch Jeanne D’Arc of the Orleans Knights.

Elsewhere, Favaro comes to grips with his new demon tail. Seems the strange women he met, who later introduces herself as Amira, has made a pact with him until he tells her how to get to Helheim. Easier said than done as Favaro doesn’t really seem to know a shortcut and instead seems to keep up a lie about him wanting to show her the way instead.

Along their journey, they drop in a few places in order to scrounge some extra cash from bounties, but also to get her a change of outfit and experience the wonders of drinking and dancing. Which she seems to like a lot. However, in her drunkenness, Favaro decides to try to kill her in order to remove the curse. Though that doesn’t turn out as she takes note of him and explains her desire to see her mother in Helheim.

e2rageofbahamut3At the same time, we find Kaisar is seeking to find Favaro who he just discovers could possibly be a demon. A quick flashback we find that the honor of Kaisar’s family name has been tarnished after an event that Favaro could have caused. While he attempts to help the Orleans Knights in finding the demon with the key, he’s quickly shown his place as a filthy bounty hunter. Despite finding Favaro, it seems he falls for Amira and wishes to save her from Favaro’s ‘capture’.

Later while Favaro is buying goods at a market, the Orleans Knights show up calling for citizens to assist in finding Amira. Favaro takes the opportunity to have the Orleans Knights kill her instead, but this is quickly thrown downhill as Favaro’s horse drags him off to rescue Armira from the knights. Making him now, an accomplice.

e2rageofbahamut9We definitely got an idea of just how cute Amira can be. In what could be described as “Let’s get to know our demon” edition of this show. Well done too, as I’m totally sold on this character.

While I’m still holding to this show having little story depth, they’ve managed to sell me on other elements. For one, MAPPA is doing a fantastic job on creating some amazing animation and visuals. Not only that, but the characters and action are keeping me engaged from beginning to end.

I have said it before, but if this show keeps up this action, visuals, and characters, I won’t have any problem enjoying this show and I can’t wait for each installment.  I must note a great little tidbit of the fashion show we got in this episode. Each one of her outfits was from different cards in the Rage of Bahamut game.  Clever…

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Episode 2: Escape from Livian





  • Great characters
  • Fun writing
  • Visually great


  • Story isn’t so grand

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