Episode 3 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


Twoearle’s hard work is finally ready to show off as the team take a tour of her new base created beneath Soji’s house. Equipped with some great technologies that will make Soji’s job easier. Even though the weight of his new task might be too much for him.

After touring the new base, Soji is thrown into action immediately. Being teleported to each location under the attack by Elemelians, it doesn’t take long for Tailred to become a worldwide sensation.

When Soji goes face to face with yet another commander in the Ultimaguil army, it seems his love for twin-tails may become his biggest weakness as Foxy Guildy produces a copy of him that he cannot destroy.

It seems the only thing that can save him is the arrival of one with a bit more confidence and control. Someone who has lived with twin-tail her entire life: Tailblue.

e3gonnabethetwintail8I got quite a few laughs out of this episode as it ramped up the silliness once again in wake of a lackluster episode 2. I still get quite a kick out of Twoearle and Aika’s rivalry, but yet constantly have to converse and rely on each other. It makes for some really comical moments.

We finally got to see the arrival of the Tailblue, which would add quite a bit more dynamic to the battlefield. Since she is a bit more level-headed and violent, it should offset Tailred’s awkward and fragile courage. Though the addition of Elemeletion should add more entertaining aspects to the battles themselves as well.

I was a bit surprised that they managed to stay very clean when it came to the final question of “What would Soji do if he was alone with his Tailred outfit. Instead of becoming weird, it went completely hilarious and I loved it.

Episode 3: The Azure Surge! Tailblue





  • Hilarious moments
  • Addition of Tailblue
  • Twoearle and Aika’s conflict


  • Wonky animation at times

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