Episode 3 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


Mankind is in danger of extinction and the only hope for a cure lies in the hands of a team of humans sent to Mars. But what will they do when they go toe to toe with humanoid cockroaches capable of producing black dots and block everyone’s vision with horrifying black screens of confusion!?

As the ship is overrun by terraformar lifeforms, it’s very obvious that it’s a mission failure. As the captain attempts to call in for a retreat, he’s told by his superiors that he must not abandon the mission. Instead, moving on to their second plan. Abandon the ship, claim their samples on Mars, and await a recovery vessel.

This leads the captain to gather everyone to board their escape pods. Assigning each team to a set captain, the groups are launched in several different directions in order to confuse the enemy.

While some make it to land safely, others are pulled from the skies by nets, or immediately ambushed upon landing by single terraformars. It’s obvious at this point that this mission will not leave them alive in the end.

Just when we thought censorship couldn’t get any worst. Terraformars manages to surprise us once again. While I didn’t want to make a habit of bringing censorship up, because it’s quite obvious this is a thing now, the way in which it was executed here was absolutely comical. It took what would have been a very surprising and shocking moment in the show, and made it into a basketball black hole meme.

Dear broadcasters, publishers, designers, directors, and that guy with the Photoshop circle tool. When your censorship becomes a meme, you’re officially a joke show and no one will ever take your show seriously ever again.

e3terraformars9I go back to my previous statement about taking redirected shots over direct shots that are censored. Or just go direct to blu-ray. Because this sorry excuse for a show is dead in the water.

This rant leads me to make a very important decision in this show. Crunchyroll has recently announced that an uncensored version was being aired at a later time and they will be streaming it. This will probably mean starting over from episode one and being several episodes late, but I’m tempted to just throw this show to the side and wait on that. Because this isn’t an enjoyable experience.

Again, the show surprised me by making some really brutal looking enemies. The tension was great, the enemies looked terrifying, and the setup (aside from episode 1) was good. I just can’t take the censorship anymore.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 3: To the Planet of Calamity




  • Still good build
  • Terraformars are still solid enemies


  • Censorship is comical
  • Censorship breaks tension
  • Censorship ruins viewing
  • Censorship ruins this show

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