Episode 7 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


It seems the sailor scouts are improving day by day in their fight against Queen Beryl. However after a run in with the Great Ruler Queen Metalia, it seems Queen Beryl isn’t taking any more chances as she goes on a great offense.

Usagi wakes up after passing out during her last battle due to an excessive amounts of energy being used to heal her team mates. Inside Mamoru Chiba’s room, Usagi finally comes to grips with the identity of her knight in shining armor, Tuxedo Mask.

Now acquainted with each other, Mamoru reveals his purpose for finding the Legendary Crystal. While he was young, Mamoru was involved in a car accident with his parents and both of them died. Being left alone and without his memories, Mamoru almost feels as if he’s not really who he is. Having dreams every night telling him to get the Crystal, it seems to be his only purpose.

e7sailormooncrystal4After Usagi reveals to Mamoru the reason for her seeking the Crystal, she parts ways with him in order to return to Luna and the other scouts. Following everything, it seems like things are finally calming down.

Far away, Queen Beryl confronts the Great Ruler, Queen Metalia who finds her offering of human energy to be pathetic. When she asks why the Legendary Crystal has not been found yet, Queen Beryl explains that the sailor scouts keep getting in her way. This disturbs Queen Metalia as she was once defeated by the scouts many moons before.

As Queen Beryl leaves the chamber, she ponders on her journey to how she got to where she is. Being led to, and unlocking the seal that held Queen Metalia. Though she knows she cannot give Metalia the Crystal as she would consume the entire planet. Instead, she desires it for herself.

e7sailormooncrystal6This provokes her to send Zoisite to not get the Crystal, but to capture Sailor Moon.

A pretty solid episode this time around. A few wonky points in the animation department, despite my praises for the improvement last time around. Though it was still acceptable.

It was really interesting to dive deeper into Queen Beryl and the Great Ruler Metalia as that is definitely a portion I do not remember from the original animated series. I remember Beryl, and the Lord she wishes to revive, but that’s really all.

Also, I agree with Usagi, Umino was creepy!

The story continues to progress nicely and the romance between Usagi and Mamoru continues to be good. Then of course there’s the ever approaching arrival of Sailor V that is long-awaited!

Episode 7: Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask


Thumbs Up



  • Cute moments with UsagiXMamoru
  • The insight into Beryl and Metalia


  • Some wonky animation
  • Fights a little overly predictable

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