First Impressions: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace


Life seems rather dull for Andou as he often fabricates his own events just to spice it up. Power erupting from his uncontrollable right hand and unexplained attacks. However his crazy thoughts of a super power world is about to come true.

As Andou spends his daily routine trying to rile up his fellow club members of the Literature Club, it becomes clear rather quickly that he’s got quite an imagination and none of them are amused. Rather his noisy self is causing people to complain nearby.

While most don’t take him serious, he believes there’s a fragment of a chance that super powers exists. While he explains his logic, something unexplained happens that changes their lives.

Fast forward a few months and the group of club mates meet at their usual room. However this time, each of them seem to have some sort of power. Hatoko, the kind-spirited girl, has the ability to control all the elements. Tomoyo, the more spunky and level-headed one, is able to slow or stop time. Chifuyu, a small adorable looking silent type, is able to fabricate objects including space. Finally Sayumi, a master in hand to hand combat is able to restore things to their original condition.

e1commonplace8While they test their abilities regularly, life seems rather normal for them despite these changes. That is until they are confronted by another student that claims she knows what they are able to do. Kudou has been watching them for some time and after Andou throws out a bogus claim of knowing her real identity, she spills the beans that she in fact has an ability as well.

After Andou and Kudou face off, he finally reveals his power. The ability to summon a black flame that doesn’t burn. After Kudou uses her ability to steal other abilities, he’s left without power. Although it also leaves Kudou with a useless power.

After the other girls claim that they will continue the fight without using abilities, this leaves Kudou unable to steal abilities and thus lose to a hand to hand fight with Sayumi.

Club shows. One boy teamed up with many beautiful girls. Two elements that usually turns me away really quickly. Surprisingly enough, I was rather entertained in this case. Shocking, right?

e1commonplace0The show kicks off by introducing each of the club members, but moves quickly into dabbling into the mysterious event that unlocks their powers. From here it looks to be a school set battle show with a lot of comedy mixed in.

Fortunately it looks like the main male lead won’t be your typical push over character that gets lost in the moe. Instead, he seems to be the star and often gets very animated in his imagination. Now, the question is will he end up becoming annoying.

All in all, it’s well executed, looks good, has a good cast, and looks to be filled with some good humor. I can recommend it.  We’re just still trying to figure out how Kudou knew she had super powers, when she never had anyone to steal powers from.

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Episode 1: Change (Alpha Episode)





  • Funny moments
  • Interesting setup
  • Good lead character


  • School setting is typical
  • Lead may get annoying

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