Aldnoah.Zero Behind-the-Scenes Video Released by Aniplex


Aniplex released on their YouTube channel today the subtitled version of their behind-the-scenes video “Count To A/Z”. Originally released in wake of the release of Aldnoah.Zero in Japan, this video includes interviews and insight into the series.

aldnoahinterviewIn the earlier segments, series director Ei Aoki discusses the collaboration he did with Gen Urobuchi in fabricating this epic story over a 3 year span. Many topics come up including the balance in characters, the world it’s in, and even the concept behind the Kataphrakt.

The interviews also include the three main character voice actors and actress. Natsuki Hanae, who voiced Inaho Kaizuka. Kensho Ono, who voiced Slaine Troyard. Sora Amamiya, who voiced Asseylum Vers Allusia. Each giving their unique perspective on giving their character personality and life.

Finally, to round up the interviews, we get the perspective of the musical direction in hearing from Hiroyuki Sawano. He talks about how his reach was to bring a Hollywood feel to his music as well as his seeking the voice of Mizuki to add vocal to his scores.

Check out the full length video below!

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