CLANNAD Kickstarter Backers Get Exclusive Physical Release


Sekai Project asked, backers responded, and Sekai Project delivers.  In an effort to get feedback on stretch goals for the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Sekai Project asked what sort of extras people would be interested in.  While console ports and HD assets were definitely on the mind, a limited edition or upgraded physical edition was definitely a common request.

clannadvn3In response, Sekai Project announced that all physical edition backers would get a free upgrade to a new Kickstarter Backer Exclusive release of CLANNAD.  They claim this edition will be as similar to the original First Edition release of CLANNAD back in 2004 in Japan.

What does this mean for those not interested in Kickstarter?  It means you will miss out on the only opportunity to get an exclusive box release as they claim they will not be able to sell additional copies outside of Kickstarter.

Here is what they said:

We are now planning to make it almost the same as the original 2004 release of CLANNAD first edition. All physical editions are being upgraded for free! We’re still working on our own mockups so in the meantime..

So what does that mean? It means you’ll be getting a physical edition of the CLANNAD MABINOGI Arrange Album and 80-page physical version of the CLANNAD Fanbook! Lastly, this is also KICKSTARTER exclusive edition, we cannot sell additional copies outside of Kickstarter once it’s over so don’t miss out on this!

Here are the images of the First Edition 2004 CLANNAD that they say it will be similar to.  Note, the actual exclusive release they do could vary from this release.

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