Episode 6 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


It seems that Shirou finally has a grip on the seriousness of his new world.  Keeping skepticism first, and trust second.  Now with his new partner in play, he pursuits a threat facing the school, only to get wrapped into the web of his next opponent.

After partnering up with Rin, Shirou heads home with Archer escorting him safetly.  Though he seems to hold no feeling of trust to his bodyguard who would kill him if not for Rin’s command.  After speaking directly to Archer, Shirou learns of the fates that tie a Servant.  Being tools to assist in the bloody battle.  He claims Saber is probably the only Servant who willingly allowed herself to be a Servant as she probably has regrets from her life, but most Servants are unwillingly forced to be called to fight for humans.

Once home, Shirou discovers that Mitsuzuri has been found.  Her memory is jumbled but she shows no sign of trauma and her condition isn’t life-threatening.  Relieved of this news and with the incident with Rider still fresh in his mind, Shirou asks Sakura to stay with him at his place for a while before e6fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks02heading to see Saber to fill her in on their new partnership and how to move forward.

After a night of training with Saber and training his strengthening magic, Shirou fall asleep in his work shed.  While fast asleep, he’s transported to a secluded temple where he meets Caster who desires to steal not only his mana, but his Commands as well.  Saber senses this and rushes to find him, but is met by Servant Assassin who blocks her way.

A lot of big reveals in this episode, including a Master’s identity, some of Archer’s story, hints at Saber’s story, and the arrival of 2 Servants.  The only problem is we built up to an epic battle and now e6fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks10we must wait a week to see the spectacle of what’s to come!

Probably the most juicy points of this episode was Shirou and Archer’s discussion of will, regrets, and the fate of Servants.  To learn of Archer’s fulfilled life and Saber’s regrets is a huge part to the story that I enjoyed originally.  As such, I look forward to how it’s expanded on in the UBW route.

I really enjoyed the scene where Caster is revealed as well.  As with Fate/Extra, Caster always gives off a sense of power and greed that is a bit frightening.  As she points out mana of hundreds in the soil below him, it’s a bit intimidating.  While I give Berserker credit for being impossible, Caster can still pack a punch.  But I guess that goes back to my like in this series in how it makes each Servant feel impossible.

Oh, and Archer, “just passing by”?  He’s so Tsundere.  Just like his Master!


Episode 6: Mirage





  • Good tension
  • Huge build up
  • Arrival of Caster and Assassin


  • None

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