Episode 6 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


As Michelle is dragged under the lake, the remaining team are faced with a Terraformar with strange-looking legs. What exactly gives these two Terraformars their unique skills?

The strong legged Terraformar turns his assault on Alex who barely manages to use his medicine to activate his potentials. Though he’s not quick enough to recover and is kicked off of the shuttle. Afterwards, the Terraformar removes the hatch drives the shuttle away, leaving Alex and Akari behind.

As the shuttle begins to take off, the remaining team watches in astonishment at the pilot bug. As it stands and seems to take its aim on those aboard the shuttle, it barely dodges a rock that is thrown from miles away by Alex. Though it wasn’t a wasteful throw. Instead, it delivers a thread from Akari who uses it to pull himself onto the run away shuttle.

Once on board, Akari evacuates the other team members and goes face to face with the beefy legged Terraformar. While elsewhere, Michelle is nearing the point in which her body is dying from lack of oxygen. While the two face their struggle, it become obvious that the two Terraformars aren’t evolved to have special traits, but rather they have surgically transplanted parts.

I knew there was a clever show buried in here somewhere. Giving it patience after patience seems to be paying off. Not because the story inside is that interesting per say, but because of the design in the enemies and the action itself.

From the point in which the episode kicked off, until the point that it concluded, I was engaged in what was happening. From the moment the bug takes off in the ship, to the point that Akari’s plans unfold. There was at least two points of “Oh heck yeah!” coming from my mouth. The episode just exceeded my expectations and caught me off guard multiple times.

The only real downside to this episode was the events following Michelle. While I was deeply invested in wanting her to live, the scenario with her in the water was a bit overly stretched. Not only that but they ruined a bit of the mood once again with the narration. Even still, I was at the edge of my seat.

Now to see if they can keep this momentum.

Episode 6: 2 Minutes





  • Clever combat
  • Suspenseful moments
  • Epic payoff


  • Mood ruining narration

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