Episode 7 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


One of the biggest showdowns are underway as Shirou is stuck within a battle between 4 servants.  Though the reason for the inclusion of one Assassin is still a bit of a mystery, it seems Shirou will discover that and more as blood is shed.

As Saber faces off against Assassin at the temple gates, she quickly realizes that despite her high stat comparison, taking him down will be no simple task.  His skills in trickery seems to put her at a disadvantage and his keen sense of her attributes leads to some unexpected change in tactics on his part.

On Shirou’s end, after some exchanged insults, Archer manages to uncover the secret behind Caster’s aid in Assassin.  It seems she’s manages to put her Master to the side line and summoned Assassin as a Masterless pawn to protect her from the many knight classes.  Since the knight classes (including Saber) are not weak to magic, having a fake Assassin at her side was a logical move.  Even if it is against the rules.

After Caster is done admiring her own work, she goes on the offensive against Shirou and Archer. e7fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks02 However, even in her own battlefield, she’s nothing against Archer’s skill.  While it seems like she is done for, Archer instead allows her to live.  This amuses Caster who tries to recruit the two before her.  While Shirou quickly declines, Archer hesitates before declining as well.

As Shirou is outraged by Archer’s choice to allow Caster to live, Archer explains his reasoning as Caster being the best chance to take down Berserker.  Despite her tactic including the death of many in the city, the outcome could prevent a bigger disaster from occurring.

Quite an action packed episode with some absolutely amazing visuals and sounds.  Ufotable continues to raise the bar on presentation.  With Saber and Assassin, we got a showing of speed and e7fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks11grace.  While with Caster and Archer, we got destruction and cunning.

Having recently (finally) watched the Unlimited Blade Works movie, I’m beginning to finally see some much-needed panning out of situations that were glossed over by the movie (being as it was a short film versus a 2 cour series) and the inclusion of a second battle.  It’s refreshing to see a lot of the care they are putting into this season and it only makes me more excited to see what’s to come.

I believe the idea of Caster being able to summon another Servant is one of the more interesting concepts in the Fate/stay series.   How she manages to bend the rules and build her own perfect tactic to gaining the Grail.  It’s quite contrast to the typical mold of Master and Servant.  One would expect Saber to just destroy Caster, but instead Caster uses her knowledge to bend the rules and add a whole e7fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks09new layer to the battlefield.

It’s great to see Sasaki Kojirou in play as Assassin.  A Sengoku era swordsman with an interesting legacy, including the Swallow Cut.  Though it’s a bit unfortunate that the legends often get so muddled up as I’ve never heard or read much about him before.  Something I’m glad I can say I’ve changed.  I’m also a bit glad that they managed to put a pretty awesome light on him.

A solid episode with a very impactful betrayal occurring.  I’m excited to see where it goes from here.  Now for another long painful week wait.

Episode 7: The Reward for the Fight to the Death





  • Amazing presentation
  • Great fight sequences
  • Big reveals on Caster and Archer


  • None

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