Episode 8 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


After receiving quite a deadly blow from Archer, Shirou is left recovering once again from a near death experience. Now fueled by a new perspective on things, it seems he’s no longer sitting on the bench, but rather fighting the front lines.

After a day of training with Saber, it becomes apparent that Shirou is no longer causing Saber to have to hold back. His fighting is improving, however he’s managing to mimic Archer rather than Saber. Which leads to an unexpected sour face from Saber.

At school, Shirou is faced with a disturbingly psychotic face from Shinji. Something Shirou would soon discover why.  After causing quite a scene with Rin in the school hallways, Shirou takes a lunch break on the roof with her.  Seems Shinji’s attitude has been fueled by Rin turning down Shinji’s offer for alliance by stating that she doesn’t need him because she has Shirou.

Though that’s not all Rin had to say. Following an apology for Archer’s actions, Rin continues to explain her magical methods instilled into her from her training. Claiming that she needed to even the odds for Shirou for him divulging his secrets of what magic he knew.

e8fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks11The romantic roof meeting between the two is put on hold though as a barrier is activated around the school and the classmates begin to fall over, seemingly dead. The key suspect, Shinji and Rider, are the targets as Shirou and Rin rush to save their classmates.

Ain’t Rin just the most adorable tsundere around? This episode was filled with iconic glances and blushes that will make any Rin fan resold on her character. Though it is permitted as she wasn’t too fond of Archer’s actions it seems.

On the flip side, we finally dived into Shinji’s plot, or rather his undoing, as he finally attempted his psychotic revenge. Though I have to admit that he’s probably one of the most shallow characters with little explanation as to his stupidity. Though with Commands on hand, he’s certainly not out of the picture. But from what I’ve seen of the rest of Fate/stay and UBW movie offerings, his motives are never really dove into. Perhaps Ufotable can surprise me.

e8fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks12Well, I’m certainly glad that we got more of a perspective on what all transpired at the school. Being as the movie skimmed over this part quite a bit. That said, I admit that I could have gone without seeing Rider’s twisted neck unravel. Not holding anything back I guess?

Comparing once again to the movie, I have to say that this showing of fights with Rin and Shirou, as well as the fighting Saber did, were both amazingly done.  Great sound and visuals to back them up.  However I must admit that the CG use on the skeletons and smoke was a bit jarring to the rest of the content of the scene.  Something that I noticed when Rin fought skeletons before.  They just stand out like sore thumbs.  Though it’s nothing to burn the show over, just small issues.

Episode 8: Winter Days, Where the Heart Is





  • Solid combat
  • Shirou stepping up
  • Rin’s tsundere attitude


  • Some troubling CG

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