Episode 8 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


Even Terraformars isn’t ignorant of the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast as we jump into the back story of Adolf, the human eel. However, this isn’t your typical story of romance and courage.

While Adolf and the German team tries to make their way to the Annex 1 crash site under orders from Michelle, Adolf utilizes his unique skill set to weave out of reach of nearby terraformars.  Despite his efforts, they end up run off the road by another vessel that is overtaken by a terraformar.

Now facing an army of enemies, Adolf holds them off while his partner Isabella attempts to take down the hulking terraformar that guards the other vessel.  No easy task as Adolf faces hundreds of weapon equipped terraformars.  Which almost seems fitting as his ability utilizes electric shock that his body emits.  Proof of why he asked the other soldiers to stay behind.

During Adolf’s battle, we get a perspective of his past, being in an odd institution, experimented on, turned into an electric beast, and discovering a girl named Rosa who was able to look past his feared personality and facial deformity.

e8terraformars04Despite his newfound love, it wasn’t without its faults.  One major fault that tested his love and emotion unlike no other.

While this wasn’t an episode with revolutionary storytelling or amazing spectacles, I give it credit for giving me a pretty compelling back story for Adolf. Probably the only one with some guts in it. It was typical “Beauty and the Beast” stuff, but it was still cute and had a powerful twist in the end.

I have to admit that upon discovering Rosa’s secret, I thought for a fact that Adolf’s response would be quite different.  Instead it turned an interesting route that surprised me.  In the end, I have a lot more respect for the human spark and feel his character is a lot more interesting than almost all of the current cast.  Perhaps they will surprise me though.

Hopefully next round we’ll get a bit more on Isabella.  She confronted her opponent but we didn’t get much more than that.  Hopefully she’ll be as awesome as Michelle.

Episode 8: Der Zitteraal – Electric Organism





  • Good backstory
  • Decent combat scenes
  • Some strong emotion


  • Some heavy CG
  • Lots of still pans

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