Episode 9 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


Adolf has quite a messed up past to look back to. Despite his efforts to forget the nightmares that follow him to Mars, he’s reminded during battle and unable to die.

Calling for more to come at him, calling for death, Adolf continues his endless battle against hordes of terraformars. The whole time, he recalls the face of Rosa and the child born of another man.  As Isabella is smashed with a fatal blow, the rest of the crew is forced to look on in horror as Adolf is eventually overrun.

Though the crew isn’t about to let their captain fall. Rushing to their obvious death, they hold off the terraformars and call for Adolf’s evacuation. But their fight may be useless as terraformars begin netting down the crew and it’s discovered that Adolf’s body grows cold and lifeless.

There goes my hope for some insight into Isabella’s character. Gone in a flick of a wrist, the show reminds us that characters can disappear in an instant. Though it doesn’t seem to be much of the case for Adolf at least.

e9terraformars09I definitely feel like Adolf has been the strongest character of the show so far. Having the more interesting back story, and more interesting emotional build going into two episodes of spotlight. Of course, it helps that he pretty much annihilated an army alone. As well as showed Isabella up by taking on her killer.

On the terraformar side, it was interesting to see them once again take up human technology. Using their net guns and vehicles. All I can guess is that they intended to once again utilize their captives’ parts for research and developments.

Coming down to just a few more episodes, I’m not quite sure what the plans are for this series to accomplish if not only for action. It seems as if we’ll just have another failed BUGs mission to throw under the writer’s belt. Pushing me more and more into the mind frame that this franchise is more about the terraformars overcoming humans than humans overcoming terraformars.

Episode 9: Too Sad To Die – A Single Drop From a Thunderstorm




  • Good emotion
  • Decent action
  • Some good visuals


  • More stills and CG

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