Sekai Project’s CLANNAD Kickstarter Outlines Stretch Goals


After a brief silence, Sekai Project has returned with their 4th update to their recent CLANNAD Kickstarter success story. After discussing with the parties in question, they have returned with their stretch goals required to obtain the materials and licensing.

In the update, they outline 3 new goals. The first is already met, $200,000 to bring HD assets from the other versions of the game to the PC version they are releasing. The assets are supposed to be 1280×960, but they are currently working with VA/Key to get them processed to 1280×720 for proper widescreen support.

clannadvn3Here’s where things get tricky. The first stretch goal to actually meet is $320,000 for side stories from PSP/Vita/PS3. Reasons for the jump is that they claim they will be getting a new package designed from GotoP. Also, since the content was created by so many parties, they must obtain licenses from each. Including voice licenses. Just make sure that if you desire these side stories to submit your additional pledge of $25 and $30 for digital and physical respectably.

The final stretch goal they outline (sorry to those seeking ports) is $380,000 for an all new CLANNAD anthology manga. New in that it will be released here before Japan. They also ask that in order to obtain a copy that you add a $12 pledge for digital and $15 pledge for physical.

With the Kickstarter slowing down quickly, now is the time to get to voicing your support to your friends and communities.

Update: Sekai Project updated their Kickstarter page again with some clarifications and good news. Responding to the concerns of downscaling the vertical pixels to make it widescreen, they are now reconsidering it. They are now asking for more feedback on if people would like it to remain full screen rather than widescreen. Also, they now have an additional site available for those looking to back via PayPal. See the Kickstarter page for more details.

Source: Kickstarter

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