CLANNAD Kickstarter Reaches $380,000 Stretch Goal


During its 17th update for the CLANNAD Kickstarter Campaign, Sekai Project announced that the $380,000 stretch goal has been reached.  This is the final of many stretch goals to unlock more bonuses during this English release. 

clannadkickstarter1This means that Sekai Project will go through with their promise to create a Kickstarter original CLANNAD Anthology Manga!  This will be a project that will include the talents of Misaki Juri, who is the illustrator for the official CLANNAD manga in Comic Rush, and ZEN, the illustrator for Little Busters End of Refrain in Dengeki Comics.

To obtain this add-on item, be sure to include $12 to your current pledge for the Digital Version.  For the Physical Version, include $15 (+$5 for International Shipping).  If you have a $1,000 or $7,000 pledge, this reward is already present.

Just a reminder to those who have been holding off on getting their pledge in, there are only 8 days left to get in on the project.  Keep in mind that the free Kickstarter Limited Edition upgrade on physical releases of the game will be Kickstarter exclusive and not sold outside the campaign.

Source: Kickstarter CLANNAD

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