Cutest Characters: Fall 2014 Edition

Fall of 2014 brings us not only a slew of fantastic new and returning anime titles, but also a group of anime cuties for us to adore and maybe call waifu.  They aren’t too hard to spot, but definitely hard to break down into a list of only five.  Here to steal or even break your hearts, this is our list of the top five cutest characters of the Fall 2014 season of anime!  

Konno Yuuki
Sword Art Online II

Originally referred to as Zekken, this duelist was seeking to find a powerful ally to join her guild in a quest to lay claim to the Boss defeat boards in the online gaming world.  Guild leader of the Sleeping Knights, her character is both spunky and always willing to fight to convey her words if necessary.

Though her character was an open book to begin with, it never discredited her amazing personality and ability to capture our hearts.  Almost like a female version of our favorite protagonist, she’s just extremely likable and hard to resist.  When her story unfolded, it only led us to love her even more and desire to scoop her up into protective arms.

Rin Tohsaka
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Let’s be honest, was this pick at all a surprise?  Rin is pretty much an instant winner when it comes to many fans of Fate/stay or the tsundere fandom.  Let’s face it, if you look up tsundere in a dictionary, you’ll find Rin Tohsaka’s picture.  After experiencing her many faces of blushes and defiant head turns, you’ll find the loving and tender side underneath that is an ultimate payoff.

Now in stunning new visuals with Ufotable in action, Rin’s character is taking a lot more spotlight than we’ve originally seen in the standard Fate/stay arc.  From her struggle to control Archer, to her relationship with Shirou, and so much more.  It’s enough to make every week’s episode a prize.  Don’t get carried away though.  It’s not like she’s doing it for you or anything.  “Hmf!”

Chifuyu Himeki
Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace

It didn’t take long!  From the first moment Chifuyu appeared on the scene, she was immediately exposed to a fright that led to the most adorable puppy eyes we’ve ever seen.  Eyes of innocence shattered and seeking comfort that you just want to reach through your screen to satisfy.  Who doesn’t want a loli that can manipulate space?

Thankfully, despite being on a club style show filled with characters to explore, Chifuyu still manages to steal the show in many episodes while we explore her struggles as the youngest in the cast.  Seeking attention, falling for our crazy main character, and dealing with future school days without her dearest club mates.  In all of this, we struggle with our deepest desires to hug her and pat her head!

Celestial Method

During the seasonal PV prowling to see what was in store for Fall 2014, Noel quickly caught our eyes.  Deemed to be part of the sugar show of the season, we were still not prepared for the adorableness that she creates.

While the show suffers from some rather over the top drama, Noel serves as a breather for the viewer to remember innocence and love.  While her true purpose is revealed later in the show, she never seems to want anything in return.  She’s just there and full of life and adorable presence.  Seeing her being left behind or alone just breaks your heart.  Loli are never to be left alone!

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Ack!  Another wild tsundere has appeared on this list!  While Jimeko certainly had a rather short-lived presence on Gugure! Kokkuri-san, her brief screen time was enough for us to take note of her.  Admit it, she bares a striking resemblance to a certain tsundere of a classic anime series.

Though it’s not her resemblance that sold us on this character.  It was her rather unconventional method to bullying Kohina, the main character.  Couple that with her unique shyness and her obvious tsundere traits.  Just watching her muster the strength to find friends but reject them is just too funny.  Don’t ask her why she does it, “I’ll be mean and not tell you!”

There you have it!  The complete list of the top five cutest characters of Fall 2014!  As with every season, we’re sure to not have everyone’s favorite character on our list.  Though we’re also never against you letting us know!  So be sure to chime in and tell others who grabbed your heart this season!

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