Episode 10 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


While Shimada claims his intentions are not to harm anyone, when confronted with his identity being blown, his promises mean nothing. Now seeking to silence Yuko, his offense sends Migi on the alert.

Rushing out of class, Shinichi is outraged at Shimada’s making an offensive move. Though after Yuko throws some chemicals on Shimada, his thoughts become scrambled and thus throws off Migi’s ability to track him down.

After Yuko escapes from the art room, Shimada ends up slaughtering a group of school attendees. Since his the chemical got into his tissue, his entire mindset is lost. Thus any sense of keeping a low profile turns to pure rage and fierce mindless slaughtering.

As the school is evacuated, Shinichi notices that Murano’s class is still not outside of the building. Fearing the worst, he rushes inside to try to protect her from the slaughter happening inside.

Well, this certainly turned out to be quite a dark episode. While including some censorship, it wasn’t as obvious as some other shows on this season. Still managing to keep a dark tone and utilize some clever camera angles to minimize the gore.

I was definitely happy to see Yuko pull off an amazing fight for her life. While still tragic what she went through, I wasn’t entirely convinced she’d come out unscathed. It’s just unfortunate that her actions essentially created a bloodbath. Though I’m sort of curious if they will ever address that.

I think the most odd thing about this episode was that, in the end, I sort of felt bad for Shimada in that regard.  While he definitely had consumed humans elsewhere, he never showed hostility towards Shinichi’s school.  He probably never would have done the bloodbath he did were it not for the chemicals warping his mind.  Hearing him call Shinichi’s name after being executed by him, felt a bit unsettling.

As the episode went on, I was seriously fearing for the fate of Murano, and I was happy to see it effect Shinichi so dearly. With his recent progression into a more parasyte mind-frame, I half expected him to fall deeper into his cold state. It seems my desire for Murano to become his only e10parasyte06tool for pulling him out of his pit is coming true. Even if I am constantly fearing that she’ll be used to drop him into a point of no return.

I guess my only real issue with this episode overall was the mindset of the students. Being in a setting where horrendous murders are happening daily and in a school that has already had a killer in it before, you would think they’d take the panicked faculty with a bit more seriousness. Though I guess you can chop it up as ignorance in youth, it was a bit odd.

That said, the final moments of the episode were quite cute. Seeing them come to the conclusion about hair to identify the parasytes was clever and a neat way to keep Shinichi’s identity a secret. Seeing it become a fad was priceless.

Episode 10: What Mad Universe





  • Shinichi’s breakdown
  • Lots of tension
  • Yuko’s stand
  • Brutal outcomes


  • Odd student behavior
  • Predictable deaths

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