Episode 12 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

As we move on into the final episode of this season for Unlimited Blade Works, only tears await us.  Not only in the pause in this great series, but in the conclusions that we are met with.

Following the recovery of Shirou, Rin proposes (or rather forces) a date upon Shirou.  The two of them, with Saber in tow, head out to the city in order to take a brief break from the havoc of the battles they have fought.

On their date, the three end up enjoying some time spent together.  Hitting the batting cages, shopping for glasses, and even enjoying a picnic in the park.  All the while, Rin continuously teases and advances on the ever shy Shirou.

Though things don’t remain quiet for the group as Taiga is taken captive while visiting Kiritsugu’s grave.  After Shirou, Rin, and Saber are trapped within bounded field, Caster arrives with Taiga in tow as a hostage.

Her goal is made clear.  Finding interest in Shirou’s abilities, Caster desires to have him join her forces.  In return, she claims she’ll offer him the power of the Holy Grail he seeks so much.  Knowing full well his hatred for the Grail Wars e12fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks06and the lives it stole during the last Grail War’s conclusion.

Sadly the day finally arrives for us to knock Unlimited Blade Works from our weekly schedules.  Quite a fantastic farewell given that Ufotable was kind enough to give us yet another 47 minute episode.  Though some may believe that most of that was given to fluff.

I see it not as fluff, but rather some decent development in the love between Shirou and Rin.  Unlike other offerings (movie included), we are given ample time to see the two progress, and I’m honestly enjoying it a lot.  Though I will admit that it is quite surprising to finally see a genuine affectionate side of Rin.  I think it will serve well to make for a fantastic conclusion to this series come Summer.  Of course it also served to make Saber’s struggle happening with Caster that much more compelling.

e12fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks07Beyond that, we got another encounter with Caster that was a bit of a surprise to me.  Seeing her give a very logical and tempting offer to Shirou that both revealed his past to Rin and further pushed his resolve.  Despite having his chance before him, he kept to his moral standards.

Following this, we got another great showing by Ufotable in some decent fights.  Even if it was quite lacking for a 47 minute long episode, Saber was still awesome.  More-so, that extremely saddening look upon Saber’s face as she is left behind which nearly brought tears to my eyes.  That said, the minions of Caster still remain the most hideous part of this entire series.  It makes me beg for her end just to make Ufotable stop using their jarring presence.

The Rule Breaker is a big step in this series, a big change for Saber, Shirou, and the future of events.  Leaving Shirou no longer a threat and Rin having to go solo.  Which again, is made 10 times stronger with their recent build.

e12fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks10While the conclusion definitely left a lot to be desired, I also realized that with such a huge break in the show from now until its second cour, they picked a good place to leave off.  Sure, my selfish self wishes it could continue on, but with everything that goes down in the future, there is no better spot.

With that said, I thank you all for reading my weekly impressions on this series and I hope you’ll return in April when it continues.

Episode 12: The Final Decision





  • More relationship build
  • Shirou’s resolve
  • Great battle segments
  • The Rule Breaker


  • Caster minions still look jarring

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