Episode 1 Impressions: Death Parade


Welcome to the Quindecim. A place where you will play a game, randomly chosen, and stake your life upon it. What is important to you? What choice will you make? Is it only a game?

Two people suddenly find themselves exiting two different elevator doors, arriving in a strange set of hallways and eventually to a bar. This pair, husband and wife Machiko and Takashi, are greeted by a man calling himself Decim. In a place he calls Quindecim, Decim asks a question despite the couple’s many other questions. How much do they remember.

The couple simply remember that they were on their honeymoon trip. Before diving any further, Decim lays out a line of rules: First, he can’t answer the question of where they are; Second, they will play a game; Third, they will choose the game via roulette; Fourth, they will stake their lives upon the game; Finally, Fifth, until the game is over, they cannot leave the bar.

Of course, the couple isn’t too pleased to hear this and immediately try to find a way out. However, the elevator isn’t functioning and there is no other way out. e1deathparade08Returning, Takashi demands to be let out and asks what would happen if they refused to play. In response, they are shown silhouettes of what looks like hanging bodies. Fearing for their safety and assuming Decim is a murderer, they silently agree to go along with Decim and start their game choice roulette.

The game chosen is a game of darts. However the board is riddled with body parts on each segment, linked to their nerves. The segments closer to the middle, or in double point areas, increase the pain. As they begin, they quickly find out that this game is no joke and the bonds between them and their sanity begin to come into question as the fear of death rises.

What an emotional roller coaster, and this is only the first episode. I was ready for e1deathparade07a very twisted show, and what I got was a show with twists, and so much more. Emotion, suspense, tension, and some really tragic undertones that all mixed very well with each other.

Visually, the show is solid, and the eery setting was very immersive. I think the only fault I really found in the show was the OP, which didn’t match any of the feelings I had throughout the show. Perhaps, it will come into play in the coming episodes. Which I honestly hope not. If they can play off the same serious tone this first episode gave, it’s going to be golden.

I guess my only big fear in this show is in how they will handle the coming episodes. Sure the twists were great here, I’m really curious if they can keep it up. Based on hearing how the previous “Death Billiards” went, I hope it’s not the same formula throughout. My hopes are high though, and I can definitely recommend this show.

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Episode 1: Death: Seven Darts




  • High tension
  • Good Suspense
  • Great visuals and design


  • None

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