Episode 1 Impressions: Durarara!! X2


Half a year after the events of the first season, Durarara returns for its second season along with the old and a new cast of colorful characters to experience in the bustling Tokyo district of Ikebukuro.

Despite so much happening in their past, Ryuugamine feels that little has changed for him and his friends. People still move on, still continue their lives, and he hopes that friendships remain. Even if Kida remains in recovery.

Elsewhere, it seems that Celty is trying to continue on with her life as well. As her like for Kishitani grows, she feels a desire to do something nice for him. After doing some work for his mother and father, as well as getting into an embarrassing conversation about taking their relationship to the next level, Celty heads home with her pay in hand.

However, after a news crew pulls up next to her, Celty makes a rash decision in revealing her identity as the headless rider and is chased after by the local cop Kuzuhara.

Many people look on in interest on the news and sidewalks as Celty makes her escape: the bored and information selling Izaya; the newly arriving celebrity Hanejima Yuhei; Mairu and her sister Kururi; even the nostalgia stricken Ryuugamine along with Sonohara.

Amidst the chaos, a string of gruesome murders have been occurring in the area. All performed by someone wearing different masks to conceal their identity.

Not all that much to mention about this episode. I like that it has kept its usual chaotic feel from the first season, as well as a robust cast of characters. Even taking on new ones. Although the entire episode was really just a means of reintroducing the viewers to the cast of characters.  Which is rather huge.

e1durararax210The great thing about all of this was the continued efforts in visual design, which remains solid and pleasing to look at. The only real downside in the episode was the amount of time given to the celebrity’s agency members. They took far too much screen time and really killed the momentum of the episode. Especially considering this being the reintroduction to the series.

That said, I’m curious to see exactly what role the big shot celebrity will have in all of this. A deceptive chess piece? Or fresh eyes looking in from the outside? To be honest, my interest is more in the sisters Mairu and Kururi, as they got pretty much no screen time in the first season. Even though they were probably the one set of characters I wanted to know more about. Probably because of their connection to Izaya, of which is my favorite of them all.

Hopefully things will take off in the next episode.  Here’s to another great season regardless!

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Episode 1: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Good reintroductions!


  • Same chaotic fun
  • Same great dark feel
  • Returning and new cast


  • Nothing outside of reintroductions
  • Boring agency bit

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