Episode 1 Impressions: The Rolling Girls


A new world is formed, rivalries are born, the Best rise up to tilt powers, and the viewer is confused as hell.  The PVs did it no justice, and the end result is a mess of colors and unexplained bonkers that has one scratching their head.

Ten years pass after the end of the Great Tokyo War.  With its end, most of the country’s leaders, ruling class, and wealthy, vanished in the process.  More than ten newly organized states in Japan divided themselves into prefectures and developed in their unique colors in incredible rates.

Yet, peace was soon interrupted by seeds of unrest.  The Best, strong people, and the Rest, weak people, are all involved in a battle for supremacy.

Unfortunately this impression’s synopsis remains short, not in that the show doesn’t contain a bit of information within its first episode.  More that the show makes little to no logical sense.  Call it lazy, but I call it a mess that would take too much time to decipher.

e1rollinggirls11Plainly put, this show is a hot mess from beginning to end.  Random fights over picnics, people being blasted miles away and return unharmed, some weird club of odd people who I haven’t a clue of their purpose but to possibly oversee a district.  Nothing really seems explained, nor do I feel it could be followed.

That’s not to say the show is bad.  The animation is good, although sloppy at times and giving off some color vomit that is slightly annoying at times.  The characters are fun and events are comical and silly.

It’s good in a whacky way, I just question if it will ever have a coherent world.  I guess, like a couple of other shows in this season, it will require a few more episodes to make any sense of it.   Though, unlike some, it’s not really due to symbolism that needs explaining.  At any rate, jump in at your own discretion.  At the very least, you’ll get some action and comedy to enjoy..

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Episode 1: King of Rookies


A lot of Bad and a lot of Good


  • Colorful animation and design
  • Funny moments
  • Whacky world


  • Incoherent world
  • Hard to follow
  • Tone issues

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