Episode 1 Impressions: The Testament of Sister New Devil


What only child wouldn’t want a cute little sister? Well, be careful what you wish for. Endless anime tropes await you, and countless painful kicks. While this series starts off rough, one can only hope for something interesting beyond.

According to Toujou Basara’s dad, he’s always wanted a cute little sister.  Well, that desire comes true, despite him claiming he never said that, as his father has recently remarried into 2 new daughters.  After meeting said Mio and Maria, the new family gets settled down in the house Basara’s farther recently purchased.

After several mishaps that leave Basara looking quite perverted, he heads out to get groceries with Mio in tow.  However before heading back, Mio is confronted by a group of shady men and Basara is forced to take them down in order to protect her.  While she seems appreciative of this, she repeats that she’s “Sorry.”

The two have a brief moment at a look-out point where Basara mentions the idea of relying on each other as family before making it back home.  It’s at that time that Basara’s father suddenly rushes off to a job overseas.  Leaving Basara alone with his two new step-sisters.

e1thetestamentofsisternewdevil07If that wasn’t strange enough, Basara quickly discovers that the mood in the house has dramatically changed.  Maria changes into a demon, attacks Basara with magic, and reveals that the world isn’t what it seems.  She’s a demon, Mio is a demon lord candidate, and they have brain washed the father in order to gain the house as their new base.

After attempting to brain wash Basara into leaving the house for good, he strikes both of them down with a blade and reveals that he is in fact what they call a “hero.”  Not wanting to strike them down, he instead commands them to leave town.  However, after they leave, he calls his father who admits that he knew their identity.  Turns out Mio’s father was a peaceful demon lord that has been killed by violent demons, and Mio is next on the chopping block.

This leads Basara to rush off to save Mio and Maria.  Perhaps because the demon world needs a kind leader, or perhaps because they are now Family.

Wow, what a terrible start to the series.  Something we definitely were expecting after the “we got tropes” PV that was released late last season.  Bathroom walk-ins, morning wake-up calls, convenient tripping, and plenty of “I can explain!” moments.

Except, it seems the show had a purpose for it (Right?!)  As we soon learned that the demons were possibly testing him to find out if he was a good cover.  So after we struggled through everything, an underlining plot element was revealed that may possibly save this show.  Even if it may seem comically farfetched.

Yes, it does seem like a Demon and a Demon Lord that can shape shift and use magical powers feel it necessary to marry into a family in order to secure a house to use as a base.  To add to that, a father and son covered from head to toe with gigantic permanent scars couldn’t possibly be what they call “heroes.”  But hey, I’m just picking on the show.

e1thetestamentofsisternewdevil11Even with the many flaws, the concept of a hero protecting a fledgling demon lord in a modern setting is someone interesting to me.  It was why I struggled through “I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.”  Let’s just hope this one doesn’t turn into a complete mess like that one did!  Keep to the plot, and avoid the tropes and tasteless humor!

For this reason, I’m giving it a second chance.  Although for now, I can’t promise that this show can dig itself out of the grave it started digging.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: The Day I Got a Little Sister

Needs a second episode..

Deserves a Second Episode


  • Interesting pieces sprinkled in
  • MC is decent and kicks butt
  • Decent cast


  • Rough start filled with tropes
  • Logic breaking plot points
  • Wonky character art and animation

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