Episode 1 Impressions: Unlimited Fafnir


Here we are, yet again, with an onslaught of the typical.  The sole boy with powers only girls have, the lone boy in a school filled with girls, misunderstandings and archetypes.  Is there anything original here?

25 years in the past, huge monsters known as dragons had appeared out of nowhere.  After causing large amounts of damage, they vanished from existence.  However in their absence, people began to be born with powers that were similar to the dragons.  These people are called “Type Dragons,” or “D.”

On a remote island of Midgar, Ds that are captured by NIFL reside and retain their human rights.  There, the Ds are educated and trained to use their powers for the good of society.  As well as to ultimately use their powers to fight against the Dragons.

Oddly, while all Ds that have been found have been female, one day a male D named Mononobe Yuu is brought to Midgar after his duty as a NIFL.  Upon arriving, he already has a run in with a naked student who assumed the island was free of e1unlimitedfafnir02men.  After several misunderstandings, he is met by his sister who is also a D and introduced into the academy on the island.

His acceptance among the females isn’t all too peachy.  Many of which question if he can even materialize dark matter like other Ds.  After proving his ability, he’s given a quick lesson by their teacher about the types of weapons required to fight dragons.  As well as the fact that the dragons seek to find specific Ds.

Before going into the typical rants that are as typical as the tropes contained in this show, I’d like to admit that there is a bit about this world that is somewhat interesting.  The idea of dragons seeking specific Ds and that the Ds are the only ones to fight back, could be interesting if taken in a good direction.

Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I can really give this show.  It feels extremely e1unlimitedfafnir10familiar, unoriginal, and suffers from some bad design.  Not only are enemies (and weapon) using some conflicting CG design, but the character designs themselves are horribly inconsistent.  I was frequently distracted by the characters changing in age.  One scene they looked old, the next they looked chibi and younger.

Then there’s the broken logic in the story.  They casually mention that Mononobe Yuu is some kind of highly praised soldier from the NIFL, which seems a bit far-fetched as he’s only 16 years old.  So an early teens boy in 3 years mastered dark matter, became a praised soldier of NIFL, got buff, and studied up on Midgar’s ins and outs? At least most of the students at Midgar seem natural.

I feel saddened for having to put such hate on this show, but it gives me little choice in the matter.  Serving the same platter and calling it something else doesn’t make it taste different.  This show has little to offer, and only ruins itself with bad design and presentation.  Check it out at your own risk.

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Episode 1: Midgar of Ryuuen

Nothing much to offer


  • Some interesting story elements


  • Annoying audio
  • Terrible CG
  • Trope filled
  • Horribly inconsistent character design
  • Drawn out transformations

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