Episode 6 Impressions: Yatterman Night


It seems the constant danger has finally taken its toll on Doronbow as Boyacky and Tonzra feel it necessary to throw in the towel. However Doronjo isn’t satisfied and still desires to punish the Yatterman.

After seeing that everyone is in an agreement over them giving up on their quest, Leopard leaves the group in anger. Though, in her childlike attitude, she still figures the team will eventually follow her. However, by the time that they decide to give chase, Leopard already finds herself hiding from the Yatterman.

Even the rest of the team are scattered as the Yatterman give chase, leading to Gatchan being captured. As Leopard finds herself waking up in a stranger’s greenhouse after a bad fall, she would soon have to muster the courage to save Gatchan alone.

Similarly to other transitions in the Yatterman Night series, we go from a hilarious episode to a very grim one. Not only did the Doronbow team discover e6yattermannight06the unfailing resolve of their leader Doronjo, but in doing so, Leopard as Doronjo ends up breaking from her helpless nature. Truly coming forth as a brave and conviction filled woman.

It was a big change for the series, even if it still retains its humor. We were shown once again, just how dark the writing can be. Evident in the death of someone who chose to protect Leopard’s courage and stand up to the Yatterman.

Outside of Leopard’s development, we also got a brief reveal of Gatchan’s identity. While it’s still not the reveal we may have been waiting for, the connection between him and General Goro’s dog is now obvious. Being Alouette’s former dog. As to why General Goro (who seemingly is Allouette’s father) has gone the path he has, still remains to be seen.

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Episode 6: The Flower That Blooms in Winter




  • Great Leopard development
  • New reveals
  • Surprisingly dramatic nature


  • None

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