Episode 7-8 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


With thoughts gathered, morals revised, and the assembly of the Owl Suppression Unit, the CCG is making steps to prepare for further ghoul extermination endeavors. Questions remain to be answered concerning Kaneki and Aogiri Tree’s current situation. Will the defected protagonist grasp his sanity once more? And what role will the Anteiku play in all of this?

Hinami, being observant of love and desperately in need of closure ever since Kaneki’s sudden departure, finds solace in a conversation with Tsukiyama. However, a bathroom visit leaves Hinami exposed for Takatsuki to chime in. Strategically breaking e8tokyoghoulroota1Hinami’s spirit, she gives the little girl a life line in the form of her number before she leaves again. Takatsuki is clearly up to something because she visits the CCG right after. Interviewing inspectors under the pretext of needing information for an upcoming book, she carries on her elaborate scheme.

But then, as sudden as he left, Kaneki appears at the Anteiku. Hinami finds out and shows complete selflessness when she runs to tell Touka instead of going straight to him. Touka drops everything she’s doing and finally has her reunion with Kaneki after initially having missed him at the Anteiku. But the atmosphere is noticeably different and even turns hostile after Kaneki’s reason for leaving only angers Touka.

Back at the Anteiku, Doves have landed. Suzuya and, especially, Shinohara interrogate Yoshimura about Kaneki. Their conversation leads to Shinohara getting a familiar vibe from Yoshimura. Shinohara seemingly lets it go before leaving, but promises a second visit once the door shuts behind him.


While the Anteiku is known for its brilliant coffee, Kaneki didn’t just stop by for a cup. His search for more information on the Owl leads to Yoshimura finally unraveling his past. Yoshimura, or “Kuzen”, faced trials and tribulations, found love and even became a father. It turns out that the Owl is none other than his child that came forth from a ghoul and a human.

All of that acquired life experience is probably what enables Yoshimura to see the incoming crisis after Shinohara’s visit. Doves are tracking the ghouls and closing in on the Anteiku. After a hectic but ecstatic day at work, he sends the e8tokyoghoulroota2baristas away, “construction work” being the reason.

Shinohara, this time alone, drops by for another cup of coffee. Him and Yoshimura engage in a conversation that stresses the importance of approach and molding over ingrained potential. Finally, fully aware of what’s to come, Irimi and Koma proclaim their loyalty to Yoshimura and promise to support him until the end. Meanwhile at the CCG, permission to raid the Anteiku is being requested…

The conclusion of this season is fast approaching, made apparent by the developments in these episodes. The rollercoaster of emotions was such an engaging ride that ended with probably my favorite moment: the scene with Yoshimura, Irimi and Koma. The lack of direct communication not being obstructive to their grasping of the situation was phenomenal. At the same time, it is a testament of the many years they must have spent together.

e8tokyoghoulroota3Kaneki and Touka having their reunion was a long-awaited moment, but I felt it was a bit bland. Kaneki’s dialogue is problematic because there has been barely any of it at all this season. That had an impact on his exchange with Touka as well. Speaking of the purple-haired tsundere, her overly abusive tendencies from the first season resurfaced again. Yeah, I wasn’t really big on that scene.

On to more positive things, Kuzen’s backstory was well done in my opinion. While wishing they delved into the Owl’s story, I felt satisfied after learning about the Owl’s parents and the situation he was born in. Kaneki seemed satisfied as well, most likely because hearing about someone who was equally torn between two worlds ridded him of loneliness. Anyway, the way things are going now, the Anteiku will soon serve as the final battleground. Kaneki’s role still seems uncertain, but that’s not dampening my curiosity whatsoever.

Episode 7: Permeation
Episode 8: Old Nines





  • Suspenseful set-up
  • Kuzen backstory
  • Mystery around Takatsuki
  • Hinami’s selflessness


  • Kaneki’s disappointing motive and lack of dialogue
  • Touka resorting to violence once more

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