Episode 7 Impressions: Yatterman Night


The Doronbow team is in extreme danger. Not only has starvation struck them on their journey to avoid checkpoints, but Goro is hot on their trail. Utilizing their desperation, he executes a plan to trap the team.

After saving a very odd fisherman named Ryu, the starving team is enticed by a trap set by General Goro. In their delusion, they claimed that the Sea God’s Palace would provide them with the consumption they needed. Easy prey for a robotic turtle transport to a Yatterman underwater plant.

Once at the plant, the team is tricked into entering a room and triggering a sleeping gas trap. Though Ryu holds his breath and Galina is recovered by a half asleep Oda who sinks his teeth into him.

While the only two awake, Galina and Ryu talk about dreams and hope. Solidifying Galina’s recent change in mindset. From hopelessness back at home, to being inspired by the youthful strength that is Leopard.

e7yattermannight03With this newfound strength, Galina creates a plan to help the team escape, but only if he can outsmart the Yatterman.

I guess I can’t up and claim that Yatterman Night delivered a constant flow of fun and emotional episodes as this episode felt rather useless and lacking entertainment. That’s not to say I’m unhappy with the series as a whole in any way, just that fears arise as to if we’ll see more of this.

There seemed to be an overabundance of focus put on the temporary side character Ryu, who’s humor was rather one-note and never funny. By the first 5 minutes, you know he loves pain and wants a fish harem. This joke repeats throughout the episode. Even going into some sort of deep cheesy monologue in front of Galina.

Despite this, there was a few moments of content sprinkled in the pool of bad. We e7yattermannight08seen quite a bit of development in Galina’s courage and wit, as well as some smiles and suspense in the later segments. There was also a sign of Leopard having some sort of brief crush on Galina. How that plays out remains to be seen. Then there’s Goro finally acknowledging Alouette.

Though it doesn’t save the episode, leaving it as just a filler type episode with little substance. Again, not a down for the series, rather just a stain we hope we don’t see again.  I also hope that whoever butchered the character designs this episode was fired.  Leopard especially looked terrible (and I don’t mean the starvation segments).

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Episode 7: Dream Sea


Severely Lacking


  • Goro acknowledges Ally
  • Leopard’s crush?


  • Boring
  • Ryu was annoying
  • A single joke dragged out
  • Unusually off looking character designs

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