Episode 1 Impressions: MY love STORY!!

Easily one of the most unique and anticipated titles of the Spring 2015 season, Ore Monogatari offers a mix of light-hearted comedy, romance, and very unconventional character types.

Gouda Takeo is not your typical High School boy.  He’s huge, and quite intimidating at that.  While he and his friend Sunakawa Makoto are childhood friends, their social roles seem to be polar opposites.  Makoto is a handsome boy who unwillingly gets the attention of all the girls, while Takeo is a large and intimidating boy who has no luck with girls.

It’s almost a fate that Takeo has began to accept as countless girls he’s been interested in, end up confessing to Makoto.  However one day while the two head home, Takeo spots a man groping a school girl on the train.  In anger, Takeo apprehends the harasser and is greeted with a “thank you” from what can only be described as an angel.

After taking the harasser to the police, Takeo ends up punching him in reaction to his unkind words to the girl he saved.  Which, unfortunately, leads to his suspension at school.

e1mylovestory13While stuck at home, Makoto drops by to bring him his class notes and chuckle at his misfortune.  Oddly enough, Takeo also gets a visit from the girl he saved on the train whose name is Yamato.  Though, even with this sign of gratitude, Takeo still manages to see Yamato as being there for the sake of liking Makoto.

After enjoying some cake from Yamato and seeing her off, Takeo ends up finding Yamato’s phone that she left behind, which leads them to meeting up the next day.  Once again, thanked and offered tasty foods.  All of which seem to be made by Yamato herself.

As Takeo continues to believe Yamato is in love with Makoto, he takes up a sense of duty to cheer the two on.  Something that is only solidified after Makoto admits liking her, which he has never expressed interest in a girl before.  Although it seems that Takeo is the one Yamato once again rushes to see after realizing she doesn’t even have his email.

My Love Story is an absolute treat from beginning to end.  Not only does it carry a very heavy dosage of sweet comedy and romance, but it breaks a lot of the molds and tropes with some very unique characters.  I came in with some immediate assumption about Makoto which were actually broken in no time at all.  Add to that the direction of the story which really wasn’t what I was expecting.

Takeo, is a solid gentle giant.  Caring for others, while never being seen for who he really is.  Though it’s the aspect of his inability to find love, despite his heart, that makes for some good heartbreaking moments.  Then of course there’s the charm that comes from his huge stature.  Watching Yamato look up at him, or leap to dry off his shirt.  It all just brings a smile to my face.

Makoto is similarly misunderstood as he’s constantly pushed into relationships that he doesn’t care to have, but yet seems pretty cool and normal when in private.  I admit that I can’t help but chuckle at his “cool guy” look being broken by a hearty laugh.

e1mylovestory17Then of course there’s the love interest Yamato who is very shy and timid, despite fighting it for the sake of showing her appreciation.  Put simply, she’s adorable and her fidgeting and blushing is so well brought to life.  Watching the direction of her attention, I couldn’t help but scream “She’s looking at you Takeo!!”

I am a bit curious if the show ended up spoiling later scenarios with the odd introduction with the storybook.  As if Makoto will at some point make himself the bad guy in order to help Takeo gain the love or friendships he desires.  It would be cute, even if early predicted.  So that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

All that said, Ore Monogatari is definitely off to a solid start and I’m absolutely in love with its cast and possibilities.  I definitely recommend everyone to check it out.

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Episode 1: My Story




  • Lovable characters
  • Adorable moments
  • Unique character types
  • Interesting story potential


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