Episode 14 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Despite Caster’s seemingly dark intentions, it seems as if she’s actually very misunderstood. As we dive into her past, Shinji makes his move on Illyasviel’s estate.

After confirming his desire to fight, even without power, Shirou and Rin discuss their plans going forward. Knowing full well that the moment Saber gives in, there will be no chance of winning against Caster. In the end, the two of them decide the best route is to ally with another Master. Illyasviel.

Elsewhere, Caster struggles with her inability to find the Holy Grail catalyst, which she believed would be near the Holy Grail overseer. Memories of her first master during the current Holy Grail War flood into her mind. A rich and naive boy from the Mage’s Association. However, upon seeing his “inefficient” use of children sacrifices to produce small mana gems, she shows him his errors, which leads to him commanding her not to use Rule Breaker on him.

Back in the current time, Shirou and Rin confront the mansion where they believe Illyasviel is staying. Upon entering her traps, Illyasviel is delighted at the prospect of Shirou wanting to speak to her. After sending her maids to go retrieve them, the two women are confronted by Shinji and his partner who seem to be after Illyasviel herself.

Well, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting this episode to follow. But that’s not really a bad thing at all. Was a great look back into Caster’s past during this Holy Grail War. She really is a misunderstood character and all the more reason why I find her so interesting. A simple yet complex case of “Well, you call me a witch, I guess I’ll be one.” Was a bit disappointing that we didn’t catch the presumed fight between Caster and Lancer.

The second half was the bit I was actually expecting, although I did not get the entirety of it. Shinji and his partner finally making their move on Illyasviel. The two homunculus were completely void in the past movie release and seeing them put in Shinji’s partner’s path was a great way to show a difference in power and to trigger Illyasviel into the battle. Though a part of me still wishes we could have gotten a bit more action from them.

So insanely hyped to see key players in action, despite the many tragedies that will unravel. A battle of legend to come in next week’s episode and I cannot be more excited. Let’s just hope we don’t get more “missing” action like we did in this episode.  It was rather disappointing to only see lead ups and aftermath.

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Episode 14: The Princess of Colchis





  • Great visual pieces
  • Key players in action
  • Caster’s backstory


  • Too many cut aways
  • Action scenes missing

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