First Impressions: Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Game-like fantasy harems are definitely making their fame these days as many hit series have been sprouting with its similar flavor the last few years. Based off the hit light novel series, DanMachi seeks to do the same.

The gods chose one day to seal away their power and live among their children.  They seek to stand by their children, offering one powerful gift: the power to fight monsters which they call their blessing.  Each of those adventurers who have joined a god blessed Familia can then join the Guild and seek their fame and fortune.

One boy named Bell Cranel, who is the sole member of the Hestia Familia, isn’t seeking so much fame and fortune, but rather it seems to pick up girls.  After blindly rushing into a level 5 dungeon, he has a run in with a minotaur and is nearly killed.  However thanks to a powerful warrior girl named Aiz Wallenstein, he’s rescued and falls in love.

Afterwards, Bell becomes hyped up to the idea of becoming stronger and fighting alongside Aiz, which leads to an incredible increase in skill gain.  A skill which is e1pickupgirlsindungeon09seen by his goddess Hestia, but in her jealousy she refuses to tell him.  Thanks to this new skill called “Single-Minded Pursuit,” Bell sees an accelerated growth as long as he pursues his desire.  Which, for the moment, is his desire to fight alongside Aiz.

After an unfortunate run in with Aiz’s Familia, Loki Familia, where one of the members mocks Bell for having to be saved by Aiz, Bell rushes back into the dungeon and recklessly fights to become stronger.  Leaving him bloody and scarred before his goddess Hestia.

Quite a slow start, but I guess it’s to be expected in order to ease people into the world they have here.  The whole god, Familia, adventurer, skills, stats, and other gamey aspects is a rather interesting setup.  Although I can’t say that it’s the most e1pickupgirlsindungeon12engaging.

To a critical eye, we were basically introduced to a fantasy harem where a boy gets stronger as he desires for a girl.  Let’s not ignore that we had plenty of girls already throw their hat into the mix.  Not the most ingenious of worlds, and also not the most unique.

Putting that aside, we can just write this off as a comedy harem, although there was very little to nothing here to really get a comical chuckle out of.  It was very plain to be honest.  Leaving only the spectacle of visuals, character design, and action to be of any use.  Which, thankfully the show seems to do well in.

In the end, I’m only slightly hopeful that this series can turn things around.  I can’t judge at this point if anything good will come of it, but so far at the very least we can be glad it’s not a school club show.  That and it looks visually good.

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Episode 1: Bell Cranel Adventurer




  • Fun gamey elements
  • Good visuals
  • Few decent action scenes


  • Boring
  • Very little substance
  • Characters aren’t very likable

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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