Triage X Review

No one should be surprised when picking up Triage X because you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Especially if you’ve ever delved into the mangaka’s previous adaptation in Highschool of the Dead. Violence, clever camera angles, busty women, and action. While Triage X definitely manages to provide some of these aspects, it seriously lacks in others.

The Mochizuki General Hospital has a dark secret within the inners of its workings. Doctor Masamune leads a team of highly trained assassins that work to take out criminal threats throughout the metropolis under the guise that they are ‘cutting tumors from society’.

The team is a colorful one, filled with stunning women and a single cold-hearted man.  Each having some sort of tie to Doctor Masamune, and each having a past filled with tragedy, sacrifice, and even death.

As the team goes about their daily lives, most working at the hospital, they will receive a single and clear message from the doctor.  A name, and a label color.  Black being a simple kill without question.

Despite the show having a front of being all about action and babes, there is some sense of rhyme and reason to everything.  Though that’s not to say it’s a genius one either.  It’s a tried and true formula of vigilantes that isn’t breaking new grounds.  Though I guess you can give some credit in the type of threat they deal with towards the end of the season.

I found it a bit odd that the first 6 or so episodes wastes its time focusing on poor character introductions before getting to the root of the story.  It’s only then that the show reveals some decent backstory for one of the team mates before abruptly ending.

It’s obvious that the series goes on, but after such a terrible start, I doubt we’ll see anything more in the realm of anime adaptations.  If Highschool of the Dead is any indication, what we have here is probably all we’ll get.  With that said, Triage e1triagex03X fails on all grounds but maybe to entice viewers to check out the story’s continuation in manga form.

Of course, the lack of story is something I can look past as long as the show can offer some solid action and characters.  Both of which in Triage X’s case, are pretty much lackluster save for a couple of cool characters.

The main Arashi Mikami is as dull as they get, for a reason, but never in an interesting or mysterious way.  Side-kick Mikoto Kiba is sex appeal chasing Arashi like a jealous puppy.  Although I admit that Mikoto has some shinning action moments.  Oriha Nashida is the cute and moe appeal of the show, bringing more humor to the situation that’s direly needed at times.  Finally, Sayo Hitsugi probably has the most interesting build throughout the series and shines as the only developed character.

Outside of that team there really isn’t much to say besides some leadership e1triagex12characters, absolutely terribly written villains, and your poorly written cop characters who are more obsessed with stopping vigilantes than criminals.  Nothing really to enjoy, make you think, or entertain you.

The action itself is also equally underwhelming as most of it consists of the same formula.  Villain smacks around naked women, Arashi and Mikoto crash through a window or door with their motorcycle, and they shoot everyone in the head.  Over and over this repeats.  Bravo for the first time, annoying beyond that.

Even when it deviates from this formula, it’s never clever and feels uninspired.  The problem also comes in the lack of real challenge for the heroes.  Besides two scenarios involving Sayo and some enhanced humans, the rest of the encounters are just events to flex the muscles of the cast in how amazing they are at shooting foreheads.

When it comes to visuals, Madhouse Studio manages to produce a decently good-looking show.  While it never reaches beyond average, it still manages to keep a consistent look, only failing from time to time to wonky character designs.

While Triage X has the making of a story that has a slow build, it cuts itself short due to a failed execution.  Leaving itself to be just another glorified manga advertisement.  With bad action scenes that remain uninspired and poor character development outside of Sayo, it’s probably best left unwatched.  Unless you fancy yourself to buy the uncensored and nudity filled Blu-ray.

Want to check it out? Triage X will soon be distributed by Sentai Filmworks but is also currently streaming on!

Can’t Recommend


  • Some interesting characters
  • Giggly Real Estate


  • Action is repetitive
  • Action is uninspired
  • No real struggle or threat
  • Nothing resolved (Manga Bait)
  • Fanservice is mostly censored

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