Episode 1 Impressions: Charlotte


Jun Maeda, Key, and P.A. Works partner up to once again to bring us a show that will most likely steal the season.  A mesh of great talents that brings us X-Men meets Moe with possibly a side of tears.

One day, a student named Yu Otosaka discovered an ability locked within himself.  If he thought of someone in his line of sight, he’d find himself possessing their body for 5 seconds.  Through trial an error he found its limitations and the simple fact that it is an incomplete ability and serves no purpose but to start fist fights between people he doesn’t like.

Even still, he managed to make lemonade out of lemons and put his ability to use by possessing smart students during tests to scan answers and rise to the top of his classes, ultimately landing him in the prestige Hinomori High School.

However, after using his abilities to steal the attention of the most popular girl, it seems his powers are sniffed out by a girl named Nao Tomori after testing his ability in a confined room.  After he attempts to flee, Nao’s assistant Joujirou Takajou uses his own ability of incredible speed to catch him.  Though, like Yu, it’s incomplete and is severely dangerous to use as he cannot stop.

If that all wasn’t enough, Nao Tomori shows up to explain to Yu that many have abilities, although most appear early and disappear.  As it seems all abilities disappear over time.  However, until Yu’s disappears, they will have him attend the same school as they do, become a member of their student council, and use his abilities to discover and stop others from exploiting their abilities as he did.

After attempting to object, Yu is swiftly put down by Nao when she uses her ability to become invisible to her target.  While he would return home defeated, it’s not all bad as his sister is overjoyed at the new living budget they would obtain.

Well, things certainly kicked off to a great start for this new Key series.  Let me start off by saying that P.A. Works continues to impress with some great visuals.  Although, if I was harsh, I would say that Nao looks a bit off at times.  But that’s just being nitpicky.

While I admit that Yu is definitely a jerk and pulls off some stunts that could easily make me want to punch him, he’s a great protagonist so far as he’s full of character.  Just seeing him catch himself grinning or laughing was too funny.  Though I would say Joujirou took the cake for the funniest moment when he claimed his ability was teleportation.

So far, the show is keeping the pace going smooth.  It did a great job of introducing a good deal of characters, keeping it entertaining, and throwing in some great laughs all along the way.  Making it an exciting show for this season.  I also can’t help but want see what other incomplete abilities they will introduce and how they will use them.

Then of course there’s the mystery behind the other sibling.  Perhaps an older brother who was erased by an ability of his own or someone else?  I smell tears!

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Episode 1: I think about others




  • Lots of laughs
  • MC has great character
  • Great visuals
  • Good character establishment


  • None

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