Episode 1 Impressions: Gangsta.


No school clubs or moe characters to be found in the violent world of Gangsta. Put down your sugar shows and get ready for a gritty world of gang rivalries, guns, drugs, and more family names than you can possibly keep up with.

In the city of Ergastulum, things are run by the mafia and the streets are full of crime. With the Four Fathers leading most of the city, it doesn’t take long for them to notice a new gang led by Barry Abbot trying to push their way into their territory.

After deciding to get rid of this nuisance, Chad with the police is paid off to contact the Handymen. A team of two men, Worick and Nicolas, who take care of the jobs no one else wants. This particular job being to take down the entire group, leaving no survivors.

Worick is generally the one who does all the talking, good with a gun, and as e1gangsta05rough as they get. On the other hand, Nicolas is quiet due to his deafness but has incredible sight and is deadly with his sword. The two of them together manage to take down Barry Abbot’s group, but decide to spare the life of Alex, a prostitute, at the displeasure of Chad. Although, it’s not as if he has room to complain.

For the most part, Gangsta kicks things off on a promising note. Spreading out its setting very well with the idea of 4 leading gangs and their interesting relationship with each other, but there’s obvious uneasiness about that on its own. Begging the question of just how long it will take before one side gets greedy.  Or just how long e1gangsta12have they been preparing to out each other.

With a lawless area, the struggles and backstabbing seems endless, and I’m interested to see what they will do with that. Mainly because it has already established a violent and gritty tone from the start. Not to mention a duo that can tear things up and look good doing so.

Probably my favorite part of this episode was Nicolas. It’s no secret to those that seen this site’s review of Yuki Yuna Is A Hero, but anime taking on disabilities are a rare thing. Most characters are perfect and without impairments. However Nicolas is deaf, and the way they have it be present, but yet not a crutch is great. e1gangsta15It’s implemented naturally and I can’t help but find his outburst at the end so well done.

So far so good. Solid action, nice visual style, good animation, solid setup, and plenty of political intrigue. I just hope they manage to do something with this huge family of mafia that will be more than just a simple gang versus gang battle.  I also can’t help but appreciate them taking on subjects that are normally left untouched.  Whether they choose to use them as gimmicks or substance, remains to be seen.

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Episode 1: Naughty Boys




  • Dark and violent
  • Great characters
  • Solid set up


  • Themes may not be for everyone

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