Episode 1 Impressions: SHIMONETA


As much as some people despise when shows or content is censored, nothing comes close to comparing to the world of SHIMONETA.  A society that punishes coarse language and indecency.

In Japan, the use of sexual words are banned in both public and private lives for several decades.  Each and every citizen must wear monitors on their necks and wrists that listen for improper terms and alerts the Decency Squad to charge in and perform justice.  Upholding healthy lifestyles as per the Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising.

At Tokioka Academy, one of the most elite public morals schools, Tanukichi Okuma joins for the mere sake of being reunited with his long time crush, Anna Nishikinomiya.  However on the way to school, while attempting to rescue an innocent man from being falsely charged for groping, Tanukichi has a run in with the famed “Blue Snow.”  A girl who makes e1shimoneta11it her mission to spread indecency upon society.  Throwing sexual images into crowds and screaming coarse language.

Despite this, much to Tanukichi’s delight, he’s requested by Anna herself to join the student council and protect public morality at the school.  Except, he would soon learn that one of the council members is in fact Blue Snow and she wishes to enlist his help in spreading immorality instead.

What an absolutely inappropriate and bat crazy show with no purpose but to… well, make you laugh.  Quite easily the guilty pleasure of the season, SHIMONETA has pretty much all the signs of a solid comedy for this season.  Though it most definitely is not for everyone. e1shimoneta12 This is because most of its humor relies purely on sexual jokes and censorship beeps.  So, if those aren’t your thing, you may steer clear of it.

However, if it is your thing, welcome to a lot of laughs.  Bringing in quite a clever setting and a protagonist caught in between two sides of a warring coin, we get the joy of seeing a conflicted boy put through some crazy things.  Fueled by the absolutely demented Blue Snow.  It’s just hard to not laugh at an entire auditorium of innocent academy students learning of arousal for the first time.  While you laugh, you may feel so~ wrong at the same time.

Probably my only upset is a bit of the art style choices.  Anna looks annoyingly bright and almost colored by a color pencils in contrast to the dark and sharp characters around her. e1shimoneta10 I’m not sure if they are just trying to force a sense of purity, but it’s rather annoying.  My only other fear is on how well they can keep up on the material.  There’s only so many times they can use the curious doctor and sexually arouse a ceremony.

Time will tell.  Until then, a great start for an absolutely inappropriate show that is hard to even say you watch it without feeling embarrassed.

Fun Fact: Touching a gluteus maximus is never appropriate when it’s not wanted.

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Episode 1: Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?


Hilariously Wrong


  • Hilarious
  • Inappropriate
  • Interesting setting


  • May be a bit too much for many
  • Moans may raise brows of neighbors
  • Possible further censorship in western streaming

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